I had the Contour case for my 40GB photo and it was great. This iSee model is junk. The plastic case scatches very easliy and twice my ipod has fallen out when the unit was attched to the belt clip. The problem with this model is that since it is not hinged the case comes apart very easily.

I can't recommend this case. It was a waste of $25.

Posted by John Lee on January 30, 2006 at 7:18 AM (PDT) Comment 1

I bought the isee when it first came out because I was using the junk case that they give you in the box. I lke the fact that it is slim, not bulky. It feels like it is not much more than the ipod in size/weight. I have had no issues with it coming apart but am very careful with it. I do not take it apart on a daily basis which would be a pain. I had to send my first shipment back because the scrathces out of the box were unacceptable. The secong one was a little better, but not great, and it does scratch very easily from everyday use, but if your careful, it still works fine. I expected something a little better for the $30 you pay for a piece of plastic. But everything for the ipod is not cheap, so what the hek.

Posted by boilerduo on January 30, 2006 at 10:21 AM (PDT) Comment 2

I bought the iSee Contour case at Christmas for the 5G 60G iPod and find that it fits very snugly. It is very securely on my iPod, so much so that I am having a hard time taking it off. I have absolutely no fear of it falling off. There are some scratches, but I am more likely to try using scratch removers on the case than I would on the iPod. My main attraction to this case is the fact that you can still see the beautiful design of the iPod. Are the Showcase and Sportcase models made of the same plastic? Or something more resistant to scratches?

Posted by Lori Apthorp on January 30, 2006 at 11:20 AM (PDT) Comment 3

What's the concern of a case getting scratched? I thought the point of a case was so your iPod doesn't get scratched...doesn't make much sense to me.

I bought the iSee video at Macworld and think it's an awesome product. I checked out the other cases on the show floor, and this was the slimmest and clearest.

I was getting pretty frustrated with trying to open the case, but finally figured out the trick to popping it easily.

Step 1: position the iPod so you're looking at the hold button. Make sure the hold button is at the top (meaning the screen is facing your left hand.)

Step 2: With your right thumb nail, pop off the back side of the case through the hold switch opening. (easiest when opening from the top right corner of the opening)

Vuala, pops off easily:)

Posted by cellphonejunkie on January 30, 2006 at 11:42 AM (PDT) Comment 4

Nice case, thats the one thing I dislike about the Vaja cases, as beautiful as they are, they take away the look of the iPod. Don't get me wrong, Vaja's are beautiful, but I love the look of an iPod...dayum!

Posted by PimpyMicPimp on January 30, 2006 at 3:16 PM (PDT) Comment 5

Get the Microshield from XtremeMac instead for the same price. I have it and dont ever worry about the case scratching or the case popping off while on the belt-clip. IMHO, the Microshield also looks better than the iSee. Other pluses are that it comes w/ a bonus click-wheel film, and the belt clip is very sturdy. the screen area is also "indented" to give it more of a defined look, and since the "indentation" presses against the screen, it gives it a more "snug" fit, thus providing extra screen protection. It is also open on the top and bottom, giving access to bigger headphone jacks and the ability to dock (while in the case). If you are worried about the exposed top/bottom scratching, or the case itself scratching, then throw the encased iPod into a drawstring cloth pouch (similar to the ones that Creative packages its Zen line of MP3 players with). You can also throw your headphones into the pouch as well, more more messy dangling headphones. I got a cloth pouch for 99 cents! This is a great workaround if you throw your iPod into your purse or backpack where its prone to scratching from keys, etc. Bottom line is, no one case can solve or meet everyone's needs. Be creative and dont get suckered into pluncking downing wads of cash buying/re-buying multiple cases.

Posted by LFCali on February 1, 2006 at 4:57 PM (PDT) Comment 6

This is the best case for people that like the way the ipod looks. Ive had mine since it first came out and hasent come apart on me once i dont use the belt clip so mabey thats it. Its not hard to get open if you read the directions that come with it... also, the microsheild COMPLETLEY exposes the top and bottom of the ipod. Its not better at all in fact thats the most rediculous design ive seen when it comes to these style cases. Agent 18 is good but if you have a black Ipod this is better because its not frosted like the Agent 18.

Posted by Starbucks on February 3, 2006 at 8:35 PM (PDT) Comment 7

thanks, cellphonejunkie, for your tip in opening the case. i was quite frustrated that i couldn't pull apart the pieces after i noticed pieces of dust were trapped between my ipod and the case. otherwise, i am extremely happy with my purchase and am much more confident in handling the thing without fear of scratching. i don't care if the case itself gets scratched; that's rather foolish to worry about a protective shell getting scratched. more peace of mind. yay! i also don't see how the case can accidentally pull apart. it is extremely snug and snapped right into place.

Posted by dropbombsnotbush on February 10, 2006 at 10:50 PM (PDT) Comment 8

one more thing: i got this case because it very minimally increases the size of my ipod, its hard shell will protect my expensive purchase from inevitable drops and collisions, and finally, it handsomely complements and allows the good looks of my toy to show through.

Posted by dropbombsnotbush on February 10, 2006 at 10:59 PM (PDT) Comment 9

I'm having trouble takin off my Isee-video case

Posted by whatitdo on June 19, 2006 at 10:57 PM (PDT) Comment 10
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