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In trying to decide which speakers to buy for my new iPod with video i decided to visit the apple store and try a few out. i was not impressed with the BOSE sounddock, it was quite clean sounding, but lacked any real bass. The iM7 on the otherhand, i felt had too much bass to the extent that it overshadowed the middle and upper ranges. I decided to take a chance based on Trusted Reviews findings and purchase the iRhythms. This was the right choice. They have much better bass than the bose and sound more level across the ranges than the iM7's. My music sounds the way it is suppose to. Of course, i only use these for small rooms, such as when i am staying away at a hotel. if i want bigger sound, i simply use my computer, which has high end 5.1 surround (although i only use stereo for my music).

Posted by smitty27 on December 3, 2006 at 4:24 PM (PDT)


I'd like to add that Jeremy's criticism of the lack of bass and treble controls needs to take into account that iPods come with equalisers that work with these speakers.

Posted by smitty27 on January 20, 2007 at 1:13 PM (PDT)

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