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Hi. I own a TransPod for iPod shuffle and works great on my 2005 GM Vectra. I live in a really crowded city, in fact the largest city in the world (Mexico City)and so it is the FM range of stations, still my TransPod works woderfully on 91.7 Mhz. Since Jeremy states that the TransDock Micro is a re-relase of the older TranspPod for ipod shuffle, I woder if it is safe to connect my nano with std. usb dock cable to my TransPod for shuffle??? I eve asked the support guys at DLO┬┤s site and the adviced that TransPod for Shuffle won't support regular ipods through the USB port since this USB port has specifically limiting circuits/wiring for any other ipod than the shuffle!!! Furthermore they pointed out that new TransDock Micro was now delivered with an improved transmiter. I really was dissapointed and doubtfull with that kind of response. I kind of beleive that this is a response more oriented toward making customers to get the new product rather than tell it is the same old product with just an extra cable included for ten bucks more!!!???!!! I am sure you guys can see or test what happens if you plug a regular ipod on the old TransPod for shuffle and really state if this is a re-realease or it is actually an improved product???. Hope anyone can help. Best Regards.

Posted by Edmaster on March 10, 2006 at 11:01 AM (PDT)

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