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I have had mine for about two weeks now, and they're OK. I also have a pair of Etymotic ER-6's which I swear by.

Compared to the Apple earphones, these are slightly superior, but nothing jaw dropping. I was delighted with much more detailed bass and detailed highs.

I got these to be my everday earphones since the ER-6's can be a pain to put in. But I was disappointed with the fitment of the V-moda's in my ears. Because of the build material, aluminum, it has a greater tendency to slip out of your ears than the plastic Apple earbuds. So jogging with these are totally out of the question. I was hoping that since they were similar dimensions that I could jog with them like I do with my standard Apple earphones. In addition, the metal construction is also heavier than the equivalent plastic Apple earbuds which have a tendency to yank the earbuds out of your ear (specifically the aluminum part at the split). Lastly, the build construction isn't what you would think. The earbud part that contains the drivers are a separate piece of aluminum from the stem part, simply held together by glue. When I first received them I noticed the glue right away (sort of a shoddy construction in my opinion for $50). Anyways, because it is just glue when I put them in my ears one day, the twisting motion popped the earbud off the stem. Pretty disappointing. I'm going to replace these with some cheap ### headphones instead.

Bottom line: If you want everyday headphones similar to the Apple earbuds, just stick with the Apple earbuds or get a cheaper variant because sound quality is barely better in the V-moda. If you were looking for a sound upgrade anyways, you shouldn't be looking to these type of earbuds, go for Shure or Etymotic for that.

Posted by ebpsi2k on April 21, 2006 at 12:31 PM (PDT)


I have had my vmoda remix phones for nearly a month, and I have to say I really do enjoy the sound but I am no audiophile so I canot compare to others except stock. I think they looked cool and I liked the chrome metal! They are more comfortable and fit better for my ears than the stock earbuds maybe because of the rubber on the outside, I actually had better luck jogging with them than the stock earbuds as Jeremy also mentioned in his review. I do like to wear the pads though since they are warmer, and they include 3 sets which is good since I always lose them.

Ebpsi2k - I accidentally stepped on mine a few weeks ago with the heels of my motorcycle boots, and I thought they for sure would be done for but they survived without a scathe, and I have to believe it was because they were made of metal and had good construction.
I do not think my plastic buds would have survived this scare, they may have cracked but I ain't gonna try!

Did you contact vmoda for warranty, how did they handle?

Overall - I am very satisfied and agree with Jeremy's rating, highly recommended

pce jody

Posted by jodywein on May 4, 2006 at 10:25 AM (PDT)


I bought these earphones based on the recommendations here at iLounge. I found the review to be correct regarding the sound quality and level of comfort wearing the 'phones... but I was less than impressed with the construction quality. I went through many pairs of these headphones and eventually I just gave up and went back to the stock Apple 'phones. Don't get me wrong - the Customer Service was great and they sent me out lots of replacement sets, but all I really wanted was a nice set of 'phones that would go the distance. In that regard I would say that these 'phones let me down, as they did a previous poster on this thread. I will however be looking closely at the 'vibe' series as I hope the construction quality will have doubled along with the price - if they can pull that off I would be very happy.

Posted by lostkiwi on February 2, 2007 at 12:29 PM (PDT)


I recently purchased these to replace my everyday Apple earbuds, whose cord had rotted. I have large ears and the Apple earbuds were great for me. I chose to avoid noise-canceling models or those w/ seals because I have a baby and need to be able to hear noises other than my music. I've been pleased with the dynamic range of these Remix earbuds and they seem more durable than the standard issue Apple model. Overall, if you need to replace your Apple buds, you can't beat these for $50.

Posted by BiggiesBeats on August 29, 2007 at 7:32 AM (PDT)

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