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They're still horrible compared to most on the market and for the money expensive. Save up and buy some decent ones! Anything from Sony EX81SLs or Shure or Etymotics.

Posted by drevo_uk in UK on November 14, 2006 at 12:35 PM (PDT)


I just bought my first ipod i got the enhanced 5G 30gb model i absolutely love it apple definitely knows what there doing this is the best mp3 player i have ever had it is sweet ! and as for the headphones they are fine if you do not turn the volume up all the way because when you do they tend to have alot of distortion but you'll go deaf listening to music on your ipod at those sound levels it is just way too loud. if you want to listen to your music with the sound turned all the way up i would suggest you try different headphones sony makes alot of good ones check some out i don't think you'll be disappointed with their sound. But for somone who does not listen to their music at deafing levels the apple headphones are fine they do have apparent bass at decent listening levels and the treble is great.but if you want tons of bass try something else. p.s. thanks ilounge for helping me decide what ipod to get you guys were alot of help.

Posted by Im420 on February 13, 2007 at 2:11 PM (PDT)

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