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After searching the internet for reviews on both GuardFilm and ShieldZone iPod protectors, I decided to buy the GuardFilm. I am very pleased with my choice.

GuardFilm is about the fifth of the price of ShieldZone. Unlike the ShieldZone, it does not come with any special applicator spray or a squeegee. As per GuardFilm's directions, instead of a special applicator solution, all you need to use is distilled water and a drop of lotion-free soap. In addition, a credit card wrapped in a cloth makes a very good squeegee.

The GuardFilm is easy to apply. If you happen to make a mistake while applying it, it is easy to remove and start again because the GuardFilm does not become sticky until several minutes after it has been applied. Unlike ShieldZone, it is virtually impossible to tell that GuardFilm is applied to your iPod. With the ShieldZone, there is a noticeable haze on your iPod after is has been applied and dried, but this is not present with the GuardFilm.

GuardFilm also offers more protection than ShieldZone. ShieldZone does not protect the corners of your iPod, but GuardFilm does.

Lastly, GuardFilm is tough. It stands up to scratches. If you ever decide to remove the GuardFilm, rest assured that it does not leave a sticky residue behind.

Posted by WelshSage on June 29, 2007 at 11:48 AM (PDT)

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