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Is there any possibility of getting a comparison between this and the other two $40 waterproof headphones you've mentioned in the past few months? There's also the SwimMan headphones for a larger $100 chunk of change (incidentally, I believe that SwimMan is astroturfing, both here and on Digg...noted it on the swimman preview page here...jackasses).

Unfortunately, it's impossible to determine whether one would be better than another without popping the $220 down for the four and then putting them through their paces...but then you're stuck with three that are sub-quality, and one that's better.

I realize that this would be a very targeted market, but since you have the four pairs in your hands (firefox, aquapac, swimman, h20audio), perhaps a comparison would be possible? I (or rather, my swimmer wife) would be happy to put the four through their paces, and then report/send back the items.

I just want to figure out which one would work for her best; I bought her the h20audio pair, and they seem to work *somewhat* well, but I certainly wouldn't call it a perfect situation.

Thanks, gents.

Posted by OnlyShawn on March 3, 2007 at 3:15 PM (PDT)


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I have a swimman and it works just fine. It's a tough choice whether to go 'waterproof' and spend 50 dollars more or go 'water resistant' and get down with some elmers glue-all and rubber nibs.
But I spend time in the water. I can't do the water-resistant thing. call me silly.
also, call me wealthy. Maybe it's a luxury item.
I swim luxuriously. I guess you could say my swims are luxuriant.
I want to test some headphones too.
My wife is a swimmer also. And my dad's a cop. My friend is a patent attorney and my doctor says mylanta.

Posted by justYourMom on March 15, 2007 at 6:30 PM (PDT)

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