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The software is incredibly buggy, at least on my 36gb color ipod. How about a power-off function which does not always work? How difficult is that to implement? It was not fixed in the 1.1 update either.

Silver: The Ipod is built that way. I hope they have now fixed the photo randomizer you mention, which made the slideshow feature completely useless. I cant test it now because the 1.1 update destroyed all the photos I had in it.

Then finally, have you noticed that the USB and firewire cables are unusually hard to grab, to disconnect them from the computer? The pretty glossy shape makes them almost impossible to get hold off. It seems Apple decided that form was more important than function. Again, how difficult is that to design?

Fortunately, the scroll wheel is still a brilliant invention. Except that it is useless for browsing the entire playlist, when I put 20 gb of music inside. And then I have 16 gb of space left.

Posted by Otherland on March 27, 2005 at 6:59 AM (PDT)

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