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I’ve been dressing up my iPod in Belkin’s neoprene sportcase for over 6 months now.
Two thumbs up for the price. I first purchased the case as part of Belkin’s Accessory Kit, on sale for $20 bucks. I got the case, a car power charger, Y-audio cable, and a cassette adapter (for those of us still with those vintage tape decks).

Toting my iPod is a breeze. I strap it around my wrist, and accessing music is crazy easy. My secret tip: Place the iPod in ‘head first’, so the screen is at the bottom of the case. You can totally control the iPod with the same hand it’s attached to. Such a good time. The PVC cover virtually had no effect on the efficiency and ease of the manning the clickwheel.

HOWEVER, I recently started HATING on the case. BEWARE OF SCRATCHES! It looks like there are lots of smudges on the screen and down the front, when in fact, it’s really lots of tiny abrasions caused by the PVC cover. On the backside, you’ll notice a cluster of scratches around the metal sides, where the iPod is most likely to be gripped.

My word of advice if you own this case… Remember to take your iPod out to breathe. I nested mine in there so often, and rarely took it out. Now, he's pretty banged up. Live and learn, baby.

Posted by bxter on August 19, 2005 at 1:53 PM (PDT)

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