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I have the predesessor to the leather case which uses small magnets to firmly hold the fliptop to the front of the case. Since the begining I've been worried about the magnets potentially damaging the data stored on my 4g.
Now that I see they've changed the design to a pressure lock, I'm wondering if it was done for a reason.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by yadda in Canada on February 25, 2005 at 8:11 AM (PDT)


Is this the only case of this type for 4th-gen iPods that has a sufficiently large dock protector slot to fit most third-party docks? The iSkin and #### are both too small in this regard, right?

Posted by LostLeviathan on February 25, 2005 at 10:58 AM (PDT)


I would not think those magnets are strong enough to cause any data damage on your 4g. Granted, most pda's that use similar magnetic closure devices do not have magnetic media (most use flash memory), they have never been adversely affected by these types of cases. Though, again, I doubt the magnets in your case are strong enough to do any harm. More likely, the new pressure closure is easier and less expensive to contruct.

Posted by jinzo-ningen on February 25, 2005 at 5:04 PM (PDT)


hold on...why does it say "soft jacket for ipod mini" and "flip top leather case if the cases were reviewed as 4G ipods not ipod minis?

Posted by atran on February 25, 2005 at 6:58 PM (PDT)


The only magnets powerful enough to scrub data from a drive platter are laboratory degaussers or those used by government agencies to wipe bits off media. "In the real world, people are not losing data from magnets," says Bill Rudock, a tech-support engineer with hard-drive maker Seagate. "In every disk," notes Rudock, "there's one heck of a magnet that swings the head."

Posted by Galley in Greenville, SC on February 25, 2005 at 9:38 PM (PDT)


is the soft jacket better than iskin?

Posted by punkrockavocado in VA on February 26, 2005 at 7:38 AM (PDT)


i just got the flip top leather case today and i love it!! great bargain!! i'm not worried about the magnet doing any harm. in fact, it looks neater with the magnetic cover. when i first put the ipod in, i had trouble removing it. but after the 2nd try, the leather is now well-formed and removing the ipod is not difficult at all.

i wanted a clean look and considered several other cases, including the iskin, before i went with the capdase. most of the clear cases pick up lint and they feel like rubber (no thanks!). then i considered leather. vaja is nice but not nice enuff for me to spend $50. and the marware c.e.o. had a "cheap" look to me. on top of which, the capdase light brown leather is the same color as my wallet~

i also purchased the Pod Shield (from i covered my ipod in the pod shield and slid it into the case. it's a snug fit, but not so that the ipod is unremovable. so now, my ipod is comfy and protected!! yay!!

Posted by kyungmi on March 5, 2005 at 11:19 AM (PDT)


Someone brushed against me and me iPOD when it was clipped to the belt. The nub broke off and now trying to get a replacement.

Posted by veefer in Singapore on March 13, 2005 at 5:04 AM (PDT)


Wrote an email to them and they'll be sending me a free replacement nub.

Posted by veefer in Singapore on March 14, 2005 at 5:08 AM (PDT)


question guys, where in Chicago or NY can i purchase Capdase products? any help?

thanks in advance..

Posted by newtype06 on April 29, 2005 at 10:36 PM (PDT)


I live in Hong Kong and these cases are very common. I can fully discribe the cases although i don't own one. The biggest weakness is the clip (like the review said). It's made of cheap plastic and taking it out (detaching from nub) would be a pain in the neck. There are 2 types of leather cases. One uses magnets for the flip which is nice and that one doesn't include a belt clip or the nub. You would get a long leather lanyard instead that attaches to the cases back (theres 2 small triangle hooks at the back). The other one is the one above using push button. You will only get a metal logo for the 40/60gb version and that applies for both types of cases. Overall, if you don't have the need for a belt clip, these are a great choice. The prices vary from the leather to silicon. The silicon is about $100HK which is around $13US and the leather ones are all $180HK which is around 17-8US.
I hope this is helpful.

Posted by kbgzp on August 27, 2005 at 4:12 AM (PDT)

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