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What does everyone think of this case?

I ordered it sight unseen because I really want something that will protect the phone because I know the first drop/slip is bound to happen soon.

When can we expect a full review?

Posted by silverstonettl on August 30, 2007 at 3:47 PM (PDT)


How thick is this case?

I've been using the iSee, and my biggest complaint is that it nearly doubles the thickness of the iPhone.

While that most likely increases the protection, I'd forgo at least some of the protection to maintain the sleekness of the iPhone.

Posted by drewe2000 on August 30, 2007 at 8:02 PM (PDT)


Just received mine. Seems very solid, compliments iPhone design. Belt clip is secure. I previously tried the Power Support Crystal Jacket but found it to be too slippery and cheapened the look. This is better. Belt clip doubles as a stand for viewing videos, etc.`

Sadly, my biggest "complaint" is that the Apple logo can be seen so prominently when the case is in the belt clip; I'm still not comfortable with the attention my phone brings in certain settings.

Oh, we fickle customers...

Posted by TSP on August 31, 2007 at 12:23 PM (PDT)


I'm not one to flaunt things I buy but this phone is just that great where I love showing it off. Where I am, I imagine a lot of people haven't seen one in person since there are no local AT&T or Apple stores and just want to check it out.

Also, after paying $600, I wish the apple were bigger!

Posted by silverstonettl on September 1, 2007 at 10:09 PM (PDT)


After an obsessive search, I've finally found the right iPhone case. I've tried every case I could get my hands on: silicone, rubber, plastic, and leather.

Silicone and rubber don't work well for me because I keep iPhone in my pocket. Plastic looks cheap and are often bulky ad slippery. The Vaja iVolution Holster was not protective enough, and there's no way I am getting a PDA-style case no matter how nice they look...

More details about this case:

- There are four very small rubber feet to keep the case slightly elevated off flat surfaces, protecting the back. Nice.

- The hinge is an improvement on iSee's two-piece design. The tabs are hard to unlatch, but I find that reassuring. If you intend to use a dock, be advised this case is very tight and locks into place securely...which also means it is also hard to crack open.

- On the bright side, this case is less bulky than the iSee. It feels a lot like the Belkin case in terms of size, but quite a bit nicer and very solid in the hand.

- The rubber parts makes this much less slippery than all plastic designs, don't hold fingerprints, and shows a thin sliver of chrome bezel around the face. Nice.

- Port access tolerances are very good. One nitpick: It's difficult to unmute. It always takes me 2-3 tries despite the extra material shaved off in that area.

- The holster is good. All ports are accessible regardless of orientation due to the two slits in the cradle of the holster. The video stand is steady, and the clip is wide and sturdy looking. I might actually use this one!

- The only things I'd try to do in a revision are: tweak the mute button opening, and toss in one screen film. I don't personally use one (I think it's completely unnecessary), but I know many people do so c'mon Contour just do it. A- in my book!

Posted by rayzha on September 2, 2007 at 3:23 AM (PDT)


Less than ecstatic after reading the review. Overall you guys seem disappointed in the case. I'm not sure the issue of an exposed screen can be avoided though given the nature of the phone's control interface. A thin film won't do much in the event you crack the glass screen so this isn't a negative point in my opinion. That the case makes removal difficult and that the holster is so bulky, however, is disappointing.

Tell me though while I wait for mine: Does it look like this case might scratch the phone like other clear cases have?

In any case, I'll add my 2 cents when I get my case this Wednesday.

Posted by silverstonettl on September 3, 2007 at 8:26 PM (PDT)


I bought this case on Friday and it's Sunday as of today. So here's my two days of feedback:
• Design complements iPhone structure and doesn't hinder it
• You have the best of both worlds with fairly slim case that won't give you "pocket bulge" plus an additional holster which seems secure
• The clip doubling as a video stand is silly because it will only work if you're in a room — it won't work on a moving train if you're propping it up on your bag
• Seems to keep out dust from the interior OK
• The rubber isn't too grippy -- good for some (getting out of pocket) and bad for others (flying out of hand still??)
• One issue is that the plastic scratches easily. I have a 5G ipod case from 2 years and it's scratched up like crazy. Guess it's better to scratch the $35 case than the $599 (ahem $399) iPhone.

The iPhone presents a unique casing problem: above it all it should be thin and pretty (like the iPhone) but it should also be protective and add some added grip. I think this phone solves all of the major problems: overall protection in case of fall but still doesn't compromise functionality (easy access to all key parts of phone, ie no need to remove a phone a phone from a case to see who's calling -- that's just plain extra work).

It's petty for iLounge to complain about the screen protector -- just buy one if you need one.

I've been looking for a case since I bought the phone that satisfies the criteria and this one does a pretty good job of it (until a better one comes out... smile

Posted by alexacker on September 9, 2007 at 6:17 AM (PDT)


My Showcase just arrived today and I'm rather disappointed in just how big it is. It really adds a lot of size to the iPhone, especially thickness. I have no measurements but my eyeball says roughly 1/3 more thickness. It certainly feels about twice as thick.

The protection though seems solid. It'll do its job very well as a case (I have a a screen film on as well). Unfortunately, I suspect I'll only be using it when I feel it's extra necessary to protect the iPhone.

Posted by MikeM on September 12, 2007 at 4:49 PM (PDT)

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