Digiana Audia X iTube-101 3-in-1 for iPod shuffle | iLounge



it's a really strange form! but i don't need any of this accessory 'cause i connected my ipod shuffle in my car with a cable connected to my stereo smile

Posted by iNandoX on September 2, 2005 at 6:18 AM (PDT)


This looks really cool! Design perfectly match with my iPod shuffle. I really want one. I tried TransPod, but it cannot mount it properly.

I will post a short review after I get one grin

Posted by Casey Lee on September 4, 2005 at 2:28 AM (PDT)


today i think i'll get one of this! wink simply i love that strange form!

Posted by iNandoX on October 5, 2005 at 3:24 PM (PDT)


it seems strange my opinion: first i don't want one of that and in second time i want one of this. This is simple: i brought a new car with an integrated audio interface so the only way i can try to connect my ipod shuffle in my car is FM transmit smile

Posted by iNandoX on October 6, 2005 at 12:12 PM (PDT)

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