I purchased an EyeTV 200 recently to go with my brand new Intel-based iMac. While I expected a good product, which it is, I am disappointed with issues involving FireWire and the other FW devices when the EyeTV 200 is installed. If I attach any other FW devices, the EyeTV 200 disappears and nothing short of removing the other FW device and unplugging and plugging in the EyeTV 200 will restore the TV signal. Elgato promptly replaced my unit when I reported the problem, but the issue continues even with the replacement.

Since I need an external FW drive for the video work I do, this makes the EyeTV 200 somewhat useless, or difficult to use at best. While Elgato did acknowledge the issue, I have never been able to determine if it's an Elgato issue or a Mac issue.

Either way, I do like the EyeTV 200 and the software, but the problems I have encountered have diminished my satisfaction somewhat.

Posted by Dan Penoff on June 6, 2006 at 4:21 PM (PDT)


EyeTV 200 has been missing from their we store for a while now. I wonder if this is going to replace it.

Posted by Gordy. in Atlanta, GA on June 8, 2006 at 9:14 AM (PDT)


After purchasing the EyeTV250 I had nothing but problems and I am really computer literate. The remote control was just the start of my problems. I had to update the EyeTV 2 software right out of the box for the remote to work and god knows what other fixes were made. I can't change the channel while recording a show. The built in "Program Guide" doesn't work (new to EyeTX 2 software). The hardware unit is always warm even when the computer is shut down. Why doesn’t the unit shut down when not in use? A bright blue light on the front is always on, shinning like a falling star in my room (talk about a huge annoying night light). I’m still testing more features, but I thought I’d take a minute to let you know how I feel about this product so far. The TV feature works well, but I expected all the claimed features to also work. I’m sure that the roots of the problems are in the software. This is what happens when you rush a work of art into production. Elgato! Back to the drawing board…

Posted by r1tommy on June 20, 2006 at 4:37 AM (PDT)


I recently bought an EyTV 250. Great unit, does a nice job. Exports to iDVD, iMovie and Quicktime okay.
BUT! Soon as I try to then burn a DVD, or export from iMovie to a video camera, the picture becomes intolerable. Framerate or interlacing issues ensue, for which there is seemingly NO SOLUTION!!! AAAAAAARRRRGH!!!

Posted by dan Kendrick on September 3, 2007 at 3:18 PM (PDT)

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