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I bought a Belkin Mobile Cassette Adapter in April 2005. It's sound quality is fine. Mine main gripe with it is that after a time the little plastic wheels inside the unit begin to click when playing in the tape player in my car. I've emailed Belkin as the packaging says it has a Lifetime Warranty, but am still waiting on a reply.
It's happened to the the one my boyfriend owns as well and he's not had his more than a couple of months. The Goodmans one he had died even sooner! He's gone over to using the iTrip FM transmitter and is very happy. As I have a shuffle it's not that easy for me to find an alternative. If you have a mini or better I'd go for an iTrip.
Any suggestions for my shuffle?

Posted by Jaffakake on January 2, 2006 at 10:08 AM (PDT)


About 18 months ago, we bought a monster cassette adapter. It worked great at first with our 4G ipod. But, as time went on, it produced more and more clicking noises. Finally, a couple of months ago, it began flipping from "side a" to "side b" every couple of minutes - very annoying! I noticed the rubber on the rollers inside the adapter was flaking off. I contacted monster via email and they were very responsive. They gave me an RMA # for the unit, and sent me a brand new one after I sent mine back to them. Unfortunately, this new one plays for a minute or two and then gets spit out of the tape player with an error message on our car's ('03 Volkswagon Jetta) tape deck - this is an even more annoying feature than the 1st unit had. Basically the thing is unusable. I've tried a few regular tapes in the car's cassette deck, and they all work splendidly. So, I'm now considering whether to write back to monster again, or just go get another brand of adapter. Perhaps this Sony one that ilounge is touting.

Posted by thenotoriousgap on January 16, 2006 at 11:56 AM (PDT)

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