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Once again, Horwitz has written a clean and helpful review. Thank you. I am a Mini newbie; I am wondering why a $250 product needs a second skin. I can understand a bullet-proof case that protects the iPod from bumps, liquids and dirt, but I'm not so sure about a hybrid that offers some, but not complete, protection but which has greater usability. It is good that we have so many choices, though.

Posted by Thom Kanwit on June 8, 2004 at 10:00 AM (PDT)


it covers the color of the mini

Posted by CaTasHtRoPhE on June 8, 2004 at 4:46 PM (PDT)


The best case by far is simply buying a protective sheet for the screen, ie a screen protector. Who cares about scratches on the side, this thing wont last longer than 2 years anyways (with battery life, it costs the same to just replace the ipod). People ought to live a little and enjoy the design of the ipod rather than cover it up and make it bulky.

Does it seem strange to anyone else that what you are doing, when purchasing a case, is protecting the look of an ipod which you will never see (because the case is on?) Maybe you need a case FOR the case?

Posted by Danny Mindipenith on June 9, 2004 at 8:58 AM (PDT)


that was very confusing i dont understand it.

Posted by london on June 9, 2004 at 4:50 PM (PDT)


This looks like a good case, how about a pic showing the top?

And I don't get it, what is Saunders?

Posted by Andy on June 12, 2004 at 3:29 AM (PDT)


I found that if you dont drop your iPod, you wont need a case.

Posted by Son Nguyen on June 16, 2004 at 8:54 AM (PDT)


Saunders is the company that owns Rhinoskin.

Posted by Bill on June 17, 2004 at 3:32 AM (PDT)


"I found that if you dont drop your iPod, you wont need a case."

Unfortunately, drops are rarely planned ahead of time smile

Posted by Jim on June 19, 2004 at 7:30 AM (PDT)


im sure ill drop my ipod mini several times while i own it ^^. But i dont know what case i shuld get =(.


Posted by justin on June 19, 2004 at 9:26 AM (PDT)


Shields are handy, and they protect your mini and all, but they cover up the cool colors. So I'm not buying one! ^_^

Posted by Steven19 on June 27, 2004 at 9:23 PM (PDT)


check out the vaja cases

they are the best ive seen so far, they look real good unlike the cheap rubber ones...

Posted by Chrissa on June 29, 2004 at 3:48 PM (PDT)


I just got this case and I like it. But I hate the belt clip it makes your iPod flop around on your shorts. i love the one that came with my Mini, but I can't use it on this case.

Posted by tommy on July 14, 2004 at 6:41 PM (PDT)


What would be really cool is an aluminum case that has anodized colors to match the mini itself, or any color under the sun. I have seen some really cool cammo and multi-color anodized finishes on aluminum parts recently.

Posted by Matt on July 28, 2004 at 11:04 AM (PDT)


Anybody likes black leather case?, It looks like a protective case.

Posted by Jin on August 11, 2004 at 6:39 AM (PDT)


I've had the case for 2 weeks now and like the esthetics of it except for:

1) It flops around all over the place esp. when you're working out. Very annoying.

2) The clip sits high above the IPOD and sticks in your waist esp. when you’re working out. Very annoying.

3) The clip is thick and sticks out away from your body and gets in the way esp. when you’re working out. Very annoying.

and worst of all,

4) The clip managed to "unscrew" itself TWICE so far and caused the IPOD to drop on the floor. Thank goodness for the case protection. This is the result of a bad design and lack of usability testing.

Since there are not too many other decent-looking "case" options available, I plan to keep mine and literally glue the metal post to the screw hole.

Posted by Elizabeth Law on October 3, 2004 at 9:56 AM (PDT)

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