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I recently bought the black 30GB case at my local Apple store - it's the first iPod case I've bought. It's relatively easy to get an iPod in and out of the case, and the neoprene makes it feel snug and secure. The case feels good in my hand and doesn't make the iPod much bigger than it already is - it doesn't feel too bulky in my pockets.

I have two complaints - the clear screen protector scratches very easily. Since this is my first iPod case, I don't know about others - are scratched-up screens very common? When I'm using my iPod I have it in my hand or a coat pocket on its own. When it's not in use it's in a knit bag in my backpack, so it's never in easily-damagable situations. Instead of the included lanyard (does anyone use lanyards with full size iPods?) it would have been nice to have the screen protector be removable and include a few spares.

The other complaint is with the two translucent rubber feet on the bottom of the case. You can see them in the photo - I assume they're there to let you stand up the iPod for video watching. But they fall off and get lost VERY easily. One got lost on its own, and I ended up removing the second so it wasn't lopsided. As I said, I take pretty good care of my iPod and keep a close eye on it - for the rubber foot to have gotten lost so easily is a bit of a design oversight. Why make them removable at all?

Aside from those two complaints, the case body itself is pretty well made. I've had it two weeks and the case itself doesn't show any kind of wear, just the screen protector.

Posted by Multimoog on March 8, 2006 at 10:41 PM (PDT)

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