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This case is wack...looks good but does not perform well at all. This thing scratched the face of my ipod screen from day one. It flops around on my arm while jogging,despite tightening the armband like a heroin addict. The extremely poor quality vinyl strap that holds the pod inside broke in the first week. I really want a durable case that I can do some jogging without worring about my $300 music library falling out of a case, does anyone have a suggestion? It's annoying to have wasted time researching this thing and now I'm down $45. For real this case is lame, all the negative feedback is true it did exactly what the other people complained about, I should have listened instead of trusting the A minus strong reccomendation, maybe all the cases you guys reviewed are garbage and this one was the best in a sea of junk?

Posted by mstangle on July 10, 2005 at 6:41 PM (PDT)


I wish I had read these comments before I spent
$40 to have my 4G scratched.


Posted by senorpepe1 on November 22, 2005 at 1:12 AM (PDT)


I do not recommend this case for even for people who works out daily. I bought a yellow Sportsuit in late Feburary, about three weeks after I bought my 40 gig iPod and I stopped using the case two months ago because the case got so worn down and dirty. My iPod got worn down as well.

This is because of Marware's "one size fits all" philosphy toward their iPod cases. A 40 gig iPod's click wheel will not align with the opening. What happens is you keep re-adjusting the case in hopes the case will stay put. Doing so causes a lot of scratches and scuffs on the front sides and back of your iPod, but it's the worst with the front plastic. Because of the misalignment with the protective plastic, the case created a circular scratch along the click wheel's opening. When I finally ditched the case, the iPod looked as if I rubbed it with sand paper.

The case itself didn't look great either. the neoprene got a hole on the bottom three months after I bought the case. The the yellow stained easily with dirt and grime. Worse, however, was the rubber sides that flake and then gets all gummy.

Since a good piece of the plastic covers a part of the top Menu button on the wheel, it forces you to press down harder on the menu button. In my case I forced the hard enough times to where it no longer clicked.

To its benefit, the sportsuit convertable does come many accesories inculding the detachable belt clip and armband, which are excellent and well executed and it looks good, if a little too bulky.

However, it isn't a long-term case and personally I believe the protection claim is a little overstated. Besides the rubber sides and cover, the neoprene is only militmeters thick. For those into sports, a better fitting case with an arm band or clip will protect your case just as well, and for others, a hard case would do a better job of keeping scratches out.

Posted by Newberry09 on December 21, 2005 at 2:10 PM (PDT)


I got the sportsuit convertible for use with my 4G 30GB Ipod Photo. The fit is not very good - as others have commented the click wheel does not line up with the intended hole, even after you fiddle with it a bunch. One size does not fit all - perhaps this would work better with the 20GB model?

Also, the flap at the bottom for access to the sync port cannot shut if the Ipod is in the case, so I cut off the flap with an X-Acto blade and it is no longer annoying me. As for scratches, I have not experienced this, but I bought mine in May of 2005 so perhaps they fixed the problem by the time I bought mine. Also I haven't experienced bits of rotten neoprene attached to the back. However, I haven't removed my Ipod from this case in about 4 months, so perhaps it will be all scratched and neoprened by the time I try to remove it.

The unit is pretty bulky, too. When I got my Ipod I was amazed at the size, but when you add the protective case, etc., it's not so small anymore.
Interchanging between its various "modes" (armband to belt clip, etc.) is difficult but doable.

All that said, this case has treated me well - I use it in the armband mode all the time when working out. When I travel I use the hardtop cover it comes with to provide additional protection.

I wish it fit better, but overall I've had a pretty good experience. My heart goes out to those individuals whose screens have gotten scratched - major bummer and I don't blame you for being so angry. I hope I'm spared!

Posted by rockitman on December 27, 2005 at 1:12 PM (PDT)

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