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Being made by Memorex I was skeptical on whether or not these would be any good...but I tested it against others at Target and I think for what it is and its price point it actually sounded good. To me, better than the $150 Altec Lansing model and the $99 JBL on tour speakers by far. They were louder and sounded less tinny and distorted. For $99 that can run off batteries/AC and comes with a remote I think I will be picking this up today...I just hope Walmart has a black one. Target only had white.

Posted by jmaluso on May 26, 2006 at 6:47 AM (PDT)


Received this as a gift, Xmas 06, and because of that I hate to say it, but it's a chintzy heap of plastic.

The real crime is that the MSRP was $100. I feel terrible that a relative was duped into paying this.

From using it I had assumed it was a $30 WalMart special. The audio is terrible, it's too unwieldy to be considered "portable" (its handle only adds to this problem), and the connector is far from snug, causing intermittent mono/stereo toggle (think of that old car stereo that had you hitting various areas of the dashboard just to get stereo back in action).

Posted by saladyears on July 18, 2007 at 10:39 PM (PDT)


I have been looking for a speaker for my iPod to use in my home gym at home. I have the 30 gig video iPod and when I run on my treadmill, it gets tiring holding the thing and running for 30 minutes. Lifting weights is also a hassle as the cord gets in the way. I was looking into getting the ishuffle when I saw speakers a Radio Shack. They had rows of speakers for the iPod but what caught my eye was the iMoves $45 price tag. I listened to the other speakers and they sounded nice. To me, the iMove sounded pretty good, too. It lacked "oomph" in the bass department, but it was loud and clear. I brought in my own iPod to test out the songs that I have. Sounded pretty good. The other speakers ranged from $100 to $200. I decided that a little less bass was well worth the $45 on these speakers. After all, I only needed it for my gym and not for a dance party.

Posted by Grouchy Dude on July 24, 2007 at 10:48 PM (PDT)

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