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I have bought 2 of these cases. If you use sharp scissors, the opening on the bottom will look good, and you can still use it with the FW or USB cable while charging. They are good cases if you do not want to wear your iPod on your belt. If you need a more protective case, it will still fit while using the sleevz. The plastic window covers the screen, but I have found that it is better to cover the screen with a clear protector before inserting the iPod in the sleevz, because dust can still get in there and lodge between the screen and the plastic window and cause amall scratches. I also agree that the cost is too high, but you can sometimes find one on EBAY for a more affordable price.

Posted by Sandylp on June 21, 2005 at 8:17 PM (PDT)


I highly recommend these.

I wanted:

* Scratch protection--INCLUDING the clickwheel. Rubbery skins seem to trap grit in a way this doesn't--so they can actually harm your iPod. Especially coming on and off. This fits snugly but if you do slide it off, it's the same gentle material used to clean LCD screens.

* Small and thin--no added bulk. I don't want thick bumpers or lots of drop protection, I want my iPod small and sleek.

PodSleevz meets those two desires well for my Photo.

And the clickwheel is VERY usable--NO problem at all sensing the volume through the sleeve. It can even be used through the sleeve AND my pants pocket both (with a harder touch).

The just-big-enough docking port is a good thing, I think--I like it just fitting the connector without leaving any more exposed. And the hole looks clean too--but then, I cut mine open with a razor blade rather than trying to rip it, which would take a lot of force probably.

One thing I too chose to do--and would with any case--is to ALSO add a screen-protector adhered to the iPod's face. That way the edges of the clear window don't press against the iPod and cause any wear, which I think they eventually would. I bought RadioShack camera screen-protectors--cheap and big enough to cut to any size. Almost invisible when my iPod is out of the case.

As for cost... I'd like it to be $5 cheaper, but since there IS no real competition for a product like this, it's still the only choice for me. Compare that to the cost of your iPod, and don't skimp! A rubberized skin that's bulkier and less gentle on the iPod wouldn't be worth the savings.

Lastly: looks and feels great, much like suede (I got the gray). And NOTHING will dirty or scuff it! I've handled it with greasy fingers, put it into pockets that have dirt in them, etc.... and occasionally there will be dark smudges on the sides as a result. But within a few hours the smudges are gone with no effort needed. Dirt just doesn't stay: you can wash this sleeve, but I see no need to. Mine looks good as new after 9 monhs or so--except for the screen which gets slighty scuffed. (Not badly, since it's inset slightly and doesn't touch surfaces much.) Not much could be done about that, but note that the screen is stitched in so it can't be replaced separately.

Posted by Nagromme on June 26, 2005 at 3:26 AM (PDT)


I highly recommend this case. Just got it at S$35.00 for my 4G ipod.

Fits snugly. This case has a nice velvet touch without the extra bulk. Much better feel as compared to my previous silicone case. Sensitivity of the click-wheel is not compromised by this case.

Looks wise, classy looking without having to pay too much for it. First impression: This case was going to be at least S50.

Moreover, it has a nice plastic screen sewn on to the case, so you can have a choice of having to put on a screen protector (for the ultra cautious owner) or not.

For owners with accessories like iTrip, it works perfectly well.

2 thumbs up for this product! smile

Posted by lefei in Singapore on July 3, 2005 at 5:36 AM (PDT)

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