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Well I purchased the iSleeve in mono (white) and it looks less bulky than the nox (black) version.
It is bulkier than other cases, but still fits in my pocket of my retro 70's Adidas top just fine. Drop protection was obviously the main requirement in the design, and successfully achieved. It follows the concept of a ruggedized multimeter. It's comfortable to hold in the hand (soft rubber) and the StoBand helps alleviate worry about accidental dropping. (See it's all about drop protection!)

The design is perfect for use in my truck (Nissan Pathfinder). I can place it on the seat or the flat surface behind the gear change and the rubber feet stop it from sliding.

The belt clip expands out from the case to make the clip a better fit to a belt, but this is also its main flaw as it fails to lock in the 'out' position and tends to retract. The Apple case is far better in this area for securely fastening to a belt and offering protection.

A clear adhesive screen protector stuck could be an improvement, though Apple using a harder wearing plastic would be the ultimate solution (if you think this isn't possible check out some mobile phone, you get the impression the screens are made from diamond!).

In summary, Good case, Good protection, Funky design, but not everyone's taste.. on the expensive side...

I would recommend it, if you fear dropping you iPod... a scratched screen is easier to fix that trashed drive.

Posted by mainvan on March 15, 2004 at 11:00 AM (PDT)


An iPod should never be capable of killing someone if you throw it at them! it looks like a big plastic brick. A case isnt that important.

Posted by Mike on April 3, 2004 at 9:14 PM (PDT)


is't the point of the ipod to save space and not have to bring a bulky cd play around. and that thing looks just as big. just my 2 cents

Posted by CaMaRo62 in MI on August 15, 2004 at 7:45 PM (PDT)


if you're not the type that worries about your iPod's size, this is great, just got one for my 4G, put in both idapters and it's great, kinda weary about the direct front impact protection, but besides that it's a great product, and 20 bucks less at amazon

Posted by evan on August 16, 2004 at 12:44 PM (PDT)

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