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Geraldatwork, would you mind reporting back when your daughter recieves her phones, and tell us of the comparison between those and the Sharp HP-MD33S you mention? I would love to hear your opinion.

Posted by Mani on January 21, 2005 at 1:45 PM (PDT)


I just ordered these, I hope they work well.

Posted by answerplease on January 22, 2005 at 4:44 PM (PDT)


Are these earbuds good when you workout, especially on the treadmill or running?

Posted by PinayPoca on January 23, 2005 at 8:16 PM (PDT)


I just received these and am very happy with them. The stock ear buds moved around too much and so the sound varied too wildly depending upon their ever changing position in my ear. I bought the iPod in ear phones but was disgusted both by their poor (uncomfortable) fit and crappy sound.
So far these are much better and even at $30 still $10 cheaper than the Apple in earphones.

Posted by tommers in MA on January 26, 2005 at 7:12 AM (PDT)


Is there a good carry case solution for these?

I have a pair of sony consumer grade wrap around your ear headphones and my #1 complaint is the tangle, no matter what i do...

i'd like to replace them with something more compact that has a carry case or winder...

Posted by Puck in washington dc on January 26, 2005 at 11:32 AM (PDT)


I've tried these, and I don't believe that they are superior to the ex71s. The ex71s have boomy bass, which is fine if you listen to electronic music (I generally don't, so they are not the earphones for me). Unfortunately, the opus has boomy mids, which hurts most music. Also, notice the vents. They are only semi-isolating earphones. I know this has been said before, but if you are looking for cheap headphones and are not worried about sound isolation, get the Koss ksc75s.

Posted by Questioner in New York on January 26, 2005 at 2:09 PM (PDT)


Actually, the opus are worth it if you are willing to use equalization. If you set the iPod to "Classical," the earphones become relatively balanced, and preferable to the eX71s. And I like the fact that I can hear more of the outside world. But without equalization, the opus earphones are pretty hopeless.

Posted by Questioner in New York on January 26, 2005 at 7:56 PM (PDT)


Didn't feel like they had the fullness that the buds my ipod came with, I was dissapointed. These are considered 'good low end' ear buds, but I expected more for $30. If you need a more comfy set get these, if you want comfy and quality, look elsewhere.

Posted by strickland in nebraska on January 27, 2005 at 4:48 PM (PDT)


Do NOT buy the Opus Earphones.

I listened to them today and the there is NO comparison with Sony's EX-70's, at least through an iPod. I switched between the two almost the entire day while at work and the amount of detail missing when using the Opus is rediculous.

These things are going up on ebay less than 12 hours after they arrived.

Posted by hpetridis in Los Angeles on January 28, 2005 at 11:16 PM (PDT)


Giving these earphones another chance with equalization has led me to agree with hpetridis. Ignore my previous post; even with equalization, they sound horrible. I am surprised that they got such a glowing review. They are not a good deal--they do not provide more audio for the dollar, and I would rather listen to the Apple pack-ins.

I am really surprised by this review. I believe that iPodlounge should live with earphones/headphones for a few days before making a determination.

Posted by Questioner in New York on January 29, 2005 at 12:51 PM (PDT)


how long did it take for you all to get your opuses?(if you ordered from their site?)

Posted by jTizzle on January 30, 2005 at 7:10 PM (PDT)


"Geraldatwork, would you mind reporting back when your daughter recieves her phones, and tell us of the comparison between those and the Sharp HP-MD33S you mention? I would love to hear your opinion."

By Mani on Jan 21, 05 2:45 pm

My daughter received them last week and she likes them. She said they are much better than the "default" phones that come with the Pod. She said they are comfortable and stay in her ears when she works out. To answer another question they took about a week to arrive from order.

Posted by geraldatwork on January 31, 2005 at 7:19 AM (PDT)


thanks geraldatwork

Posted by jTizzle on January 31, 2005 at 7:08 PM (PDT)


Received my earbuds 10 days after order. I have had them for a day now and I have to disagree with the review. In my opinion the original buds that come with the ipod are much better sounding. A little pissed I dropped 30 on these . I guess my daughter will like them on her disney radio !

Posted by Lost_Packet in Texas on February 1, 2005 at 1:48 PM (PDT)


Jeremy, you're killing me! I should have held off ordering these for a few more days (ordered them on 28 Jan, received them yesterday). Then over the weekend I saw the posts from 29-31 Jan and started to worry. I have to agree with Questioner, hpetridis, and Lost_Packet. These earbuds sound worse than the Apple pack-ins. It wasn't a matter of fit, because they fit very well, they just sound terrible. Everything is muffled; bass, mids, and treble. Similar to the Griffin Earjams (yes I was unfortunate to purchase those also), and you can read my post there too. I was looking for a low-cost (<$50) alternative to Apple's pack-ins when I work out. I'm worried about the Sony mdr-ex series from other posts. Guess I'll have to keep looking.

Posted by mele on February 2, 2005 at 6:31 AM (PDT)


I would like to qualify my last post. I also own a pair of Shure e2c. Though I didn't expect these earbuds to compete with the Shures, I was at least hoping they would be better than the Apple pack-ins. The Shures are great for isoloation; perfect for airline and subway travel, dangerous for dodging traffic. I wanted semi-isolation (not total), something that would stay in my ears while running, be a little durable (hence my uneasiness with the Sony products), and sound better than the Apple pack-ins. I thought these would fit the bill. It fits the first two criteria, the jury is still out on the third, but definitely loses on the 4th.

Posted by mele on February 3, 2005 at 6:34 AM (PDT)


Funny how objective sound can be. Being a professional musician (pianist and conductor) FIDELITY was what I was after. There are always sound devices and headphones for example that may make a piece of music sound better, but suffer when reproducing another piece or style of music. The Sonys and the Shures are a great example of that. The Sony EX-70s tend to sound very "crisp" by adding a lot of artificial high frequencies to the sound. Many folks like that, especially people whose ears have lost sensitivity to highs. The Shure e2c on the other hand sound like any other good headphone set out there with the "loudness" setting set to ON. Added highs and added bottom, which is fine if that is what one wants, but then again, I would rather be the one who chooses whether i want loudness or not. To make a long story short: Being used to High End sound equipment all my adult life, when I first got my iPod, with the Apple headphones, I blamed the digital and thin sound on the iPod. I tried my good Sennheiser HD265 which sounded amazing (they better for $250 cans) but being large, they sounded weak - too big for the iPod's amp I guess. I kept trying different in ear headphones,but nothing sounded real. Be it, either loud, or full of bottom, or full of crispness, but fake, until I tried these Yahbas on. I was drawn to them by the name (Opus means "work" in latin - it is a classical music term) and I thought someone designed them with classical musician's needs in mind. Whether this is true or not, these little and cheap wonders sound AWESOME. nothing spectacular where they shouldn't be. Just the music, the way it was recorded and produced. Powerfull, balanced, and so easy on the ear. Both physically (fit) and sound wise. I can listen to these for hours, without getting tired by those one or two frequency ranges where other headsets insist trying to acquire a sound personality of their own. Headphones should not have a sound personailty. they sould just play music the way it was meant to be heard. There are so many people involved and working hard between the moment a tone is played on an instrument and the moment it ends up on a CD, LP or whatever. These peple have great ears and they devoted their lives to good sounding music. All we need is sound equipment that reproduces sound faithfully. And this is what I found in these headphones, at an unbelievable price.

Posted by maestroX in New York City on February 3, 2005 at 9:26 PM (PDT)


You can make your own Yahba Opus headphones. Remove speakers from clock radio, paint white, and shove em in your ear. What a piece of junk. Sounds like the musicians recorded in an afghan cave.

Posted by supafupa on February 4, 2005 at 6:18 AM (PDT)


Just got these, and agree for the most part that they are NOT what I expected... I'm right back to my less than confortable Apple pack ins.

Question: Is there a "burn in" time recommended? For those of you who have had positive experiences, did this occur out of the box, or was there time for these to warm up?

Want to give these a chance before I send 'em back...


Posted by ccstra54 on February 4, 2005 at 10:55 AM (PDT)


ccstra54: I burned mine for 48 hours thru an amp, like my e2c, however these showed no difference. Still sounds muddy compared to Apple pack-ins.

I also figured it may be because of the iPod itself playing in AAC format. So I popped a CD into my TEAC CD deck, Panasonic Portable CD player, and BOSE stereo system. I was greeted with the same muddy noise in each case.

I've also tried the Apple In-Ear earphones and were disappointed with those.

Posted by mele on February 4, 2005 at 12:15 PM (PDT)

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