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Company: Belkin


Models: TuneBase Hands-Free Aux for iPhone 5

Price: $70

Compatible: iPhone 5/5s, iPod touch 5G

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Belkin TuneBase Hands-Free Aux for iPhone 5

TuneBase Hands-Free Aux for iPhone 5 ($70) from Belkin is made for a somewhat specific group of people. It's a bundle of connected parts that charge an iPhone 5/5s or fifth-generation iPod touch -- the iPhone 5c fits too, although official support isn't listed -- in the car, while connecting to an auxiliary input port for audio. A gooseneck runs between the charging plug at one end, and Lightning plug-equipped phone cradle at the other. Once the phone has been docked, a built-in audio cable fits into the bottom of it; a second cable connects to the bottom of the car adapter plug, and runs to the vehicle's aux input port. The cradle is adjustable, and can accept iPhones in cases, but only if there's a totally open bottom edge. TuneBase also supports hands-free calling thanks to a trigger button and a microphone found below the Lightning plug.


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