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Company: Callpod


Model: FuelTank Uno, Duo + Chargepod

Price: $50-$70

Compatible: All Dock Connecting iPods, iPhones

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Callpod Fueltank Uno, Fueltank Duo + Chargepod Chargers

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By Jeremy Horwitz

Editor-in-Chief, iLounge ()
Published: Friday, October 1, 2010
Category: Adapters + Cables - Home / Office, Indoor Power Adapters, Batteries

Sold in three separate packages with a wide variety of additional adapter cables available as options, Callpod's Fueltank Uno ($50), Fueltank Duo ($70), and Chargepod ($50) offer three different alternatives for iPod and iPhone charging on the go. Fueltank Uno is a 2200mAh battery with a single device port for recharging either an iPod, iPhone, or mini-USB device depending on which of the charging tips you use, plus a wall charger and a carrying case; you can get one free additional adapter of your choice from the company after making the purchase. Fueltank Duo is a 4300mAh battery with twin ports that can recharge two devices at once, plus a wall charger and larger, zippered carrying case; this comes with three charging tips and a voucher for a fourth. Finally, Chargepod is a charging hub with the ability to connect to up to six devices at once, packaged with three tips, a wall charger, and carrying case, plus a voucher for one more. Each of these units comes with an iPod/iPhone-compatible tip, and Callpod sells a tip that provides access to a female USB port, as well as a car charger that can be used with any of the devices. None are Apple-certified; they all provide a maximum of 500mA, for full-speed iPod and half-speed iPhone charging.


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