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Company: What If Widgets

Product Name:  earbud JACK - keeps earbuds tangle-free

Website:  What If Widgets

List Price: 9

earbud JACK - keeps earbuds tangle-free

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By sfdesign4fun

Contributing Editor
Published: Thursday, October 11, 2007
Category: Miscellaneous Accessories, Clips and Cord Managers

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JACK is a neat freak.  He cringes at the sight of tangled cords and knots, and he loves to help his friends keep their earbuds organized and working well.
JACK carries your earbuds
- Throw the earbuds over his shoulders
- Pull the cord under his foot
- Wrap the rest around his head & feet
- Place the plug in his hand
JACK likes to hang out.  He’ll grip your earbud cord to hang out while you’re listening to tunes.
JACK cares, so 5% of his proceeds go to hearing health organizations.  Check out to learn more.
JACK’s got it all wrapped up.


JACK is:
- ACCOMMODATING: works with nearly all earbud-style headphones or most earbud-style hands-free sets
- TOUGH: made of extremely durable polycarbonate
- AMBIDEXTROUS: either hand will grip any 3.5mm plug or most headphone cords
- SENSITIVE: soft edges keep cords safe
- SEXY: sporting a clean, modern design
- FUN: no stuffy, generic accessory here


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