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Company: Headcase


Model: Etch A Sketch Cases

Price: $25-$40

Compatible: iPad, iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPod touch 4G

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Headcase Etch A Sketch Cases for iPad, iPhone + iPod touch

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By Nick Guy

Accessories Editor, iLounge ()
Published: Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Category: Cases - iPad, iPad (2010), Cases - iPhone, iPhone 4 / 4S

From Headcase -- not to be confused with rival case maker Be A Headcase -- comes a series of officially licensed Etch A Sketch cases for Apple's iOS devices, including the original iPad ($40), iPhone 4 ($25), iPhone 3G/3GS ($25) and iPod touch 4G ($25). All of these cases snap together, with a red plastic frame styled like an actual Etch A Sketch on the front complete with non-functional white knob decorations, and a black back -- the iPad model notably has a large hole exposing the Apple logo. On each, all of the ports and buttons are left open, including the Home Button and even the ambient light sensor. While the cases are pretty well machined, they add a significant amount of bulk to their respective devices. The iPad version has two small fold-out feet to create an acute typing angle. Getting the cases open is not very easy, and the instructions for doing so are actually inside the cases themselves. We accidentally damaged the plastic on one of the cases just trying to pry it open with a coin, as instructed. These cases seem like they're for diehard fans, or for kids who love the Etch A Sketch apps and don't mind that the knobs here don't do anything.


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