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First Look: Maclove iShow + Travel Pad Cases for iPad

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Company: Maclove


Model: iShow + Travel Pad Cases

Price: $TBD

Compatible: iPad (2010)

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The reigning kings of Apple accessory wackness are back with another collection of iffy "where's this stuff actually being sold, again" cases and film, this time for the iPad. Once you get past the packages, which feel like low-quality sandpaper, Maclove's latest designs aren't bad, but not good, either. The iShow Colorful Case is a set of five plastic back covers, each with a very high-gloss finish and an odd little marking in the bottom right corner; iShow Leather Hood series is the same plastic shell, but with one of four striped leather designs wrapped around the outer plastic. Both of these versions notably have holes in their left sides where the iPad's second Dock Connector was rumored to have been at a prototype stage. By comparison, the iShow Sunrise Series is a collection of TPU plastic cases, now transparent with a mix of glossy and matte textures, plus more precise cut-outs for the iPad's ports and buttons. Finally, the Travel Pad is a Vaja-like envelope case with lower-quality looks and feel, a single magnetic clasp, and a metal Maclove logo on the front. In an extremely odd touch that will no doubt wrinkle the noses at Apple Legal, Maclove includes an iPad-shaped and -lookalike note pad with the Travel Pad and some but not all of the iShow Sunrises. Prices? As with all Maclove stuff, we have no idea. Screen protection is sold separately.

Updated August 23, 2010: Two subsequent cases, iShow Matrix and iShow Cronus, subsequently arrived for coverage. Matrix is a cheap-feeling glossy two-piece shell, and Cronus is a similarly cheap one-piece shell with a pop-out video stand in the back. They were both junky enough that we didn’t feel the need to photograph them in greater detail. Still no pricing information on any of these cases.



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