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Review: Teemmeet Business Line for iPad 2


Company: Teemmeet


Model: Business Line

Price: €80

Compatible: iPad 2

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Nick Guy

We really wanted to like Ukranian company Teemmeet's Business Line for iPad 2 (€80, roughly $115) -- the case's design is unique, the materials are nice, and it's a refreshing entry overall into an increasingly crowded field. Unfortunately, an almost complete lack of attention to detail significantly reduces the overall value of what could otherwise be a nice case.

Business Line is a folio-style case, but the setup is a bit different than many others. Instead of the front cover reaching to the right edge of the tablet, it continues around to the back with a three-inch flap that magnetically attaches to the rear. The use of magnets ends there; there are none in the front portion of the cover to activate the automatic locking feature. Sewn onto the back is a pocket large enough to hold an iPhone, cables, or earbuds. This doubles as a holder for the cover when it is tucked underneath, turning the case into a stand.


We really like the materials that Teemmeet used for this case. Available in brown, black, yellow, white, light brown, aqua green, and aqua red, the leather has a beautiful weathered texture that feels and looks very nice. The inside of both the frame that holds the iPad 2 and the rear pocket are lined with soft velvet that’s been imprinted with the company’s logo. Even the sewing is consistent and clean, with no loose threads or jagged lines. 


One big problem with Business Line comes from the punched-out openings for the buttons and ports. The holes for the headphone port, microphone, Sleep/Wake button, rear camera, and Dock Connector port are all large enough for full access and use with even oversized accessories, but they’re somewhat rough and unfinished; their edges were already showing signs of fraying when we received the case. A 7 x 3 grid of holes over the speaker isn’t quite so bad, but it still looks unfinished. Worse, though, are the openings for the volume rocker and side switch. Instead of one long opening, there are holes at either end of the rocker. While the controls remain completely usable, the design doesn’t look very good at all. The side switch, on the other hand, is practically unusable. There is a similar but longer opening that actually obscures the switch. It is very difficult to use it; in fact, it’s a flat out failure.


For the high price that Teemmeet is asking for Business Line, we’d expect not only high-quality materials but also attention to important details. The openings on the case are surprisingly bad given the overall quality of the rest of the accessory. If the company were to fix those problems, they would have a good case, albeit an expensive one. While we really like the look, we simply can’t recommend such a functionally limited option. For that reason, Business Line merits a C rating.


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