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Review: Luxa2 H10 Bike Mount for iPhone 3G/3GS + iPhone 4/4S


Company: Luxa2


Model: H10 Bike Mount

Price: $49

Compatible: iPhone 3G/3GS + iPhone 4

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Nick Guy

Falling into the category of super-protective cases, Luxa2's H10 Bike Mount for iPhone 3G/3GS + iPhone 4/4S ($49) is made to accompany you through rough terrain on a bike or on foot. While the black plastic housing does add significant bulk, this shouldn't be a problem in the intended use scenario; it's not a case you'd want to carry around in your pocket, though. Included in the package are rubber inserts that are sized for the version of the iPhone you are using, as well as a bike handlebar mount and an alligator clip that you can use to clip the case onto your clothes or bag.

H10 has a multilayer design, composed of the removable rubber insert and the hard plastic case; the case actually consists of two pieces that are attached by a hinge at the top. When folded down, the halves clip together along either side. A permanent screen protector prevents scratches on the multi-touch display, while rubber Home, volume, and Sleep/Wake button covers protect those portions of the iPhone. There’s even a flip-open headphone port protector, although the Dock Connector is completely blocked off.


The case is pretty impressively built; it’s very solid, and because of the thick rubber between the case and the iPhone, we wouldn’t be too concerned with drops or falls. Most of the input pass-throughs work just as they should, which is also impressive: we had no issues using the screen, pressing any of the buttons, or even taking pictures. Audio, on the other hand, is a bit of an issue, as the iPhone’s built-in earpiece, microphone, and speaker are all completely covered. Sound still travels in both directions, but it’s certainly muffled. Again, this case isn’t meant to be used in a fashion where that should matter, but it’s something to be aware of; you’ll get the best audio from your iPhone by connecting wired or wireless headphones, and if you need to hear your music, you will still be able to hear it at least partially through the case.


Both of the included clips snap onto the back of the case. Of the two, the alligator clip seems a bit superfluous, since the case is so heavy that it’s not very practical to attach it to your clothes. On the other hand, the bike mount is very nice. The clamp’s halves are lined with rubber, open to fit around the handlebar, and hold shut using a long screw with a plastic nut at the end. So that the iPhone can be used in any orientation, the clip turns 360°, with locks every 30°.


H10 Bike Mount, especially at the $49 price point, is a truly good value. Not only is it an impressively protective and nice-looking case, but the fact that it’s compatible with two completely different iPhone body types (and four different models) is also appreciated. The sound issues are worth keeping in mind, but they don’t ruin the product. We really think that bike riders will like this one for a number of reasons; overall, we offer a strong general recommendation.


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