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Review: iBattz Mojo Treble Keychain Cable with Card Reader


Company: iBattz


Models: Mojo Treble Keychain Cable with Card Reader

Price: $30

Compatible: All iPads, iPhones + Dock Connecting iPods

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Nick Guy

iBattz Mojo Treble Keychain Cable with Card Reader ($30) isn't an entirely new concept. Scosche was the first company to make a big splash in compact charging cables with 2010's flipSync and the subsequent year's flipSync II; the first edition was one of our CES Best of Show Finalists, and the second earned a limited recommendation. Mojo Treble offers similar features without directly cloning either model, and brings its own unique features to the table, in either black or white plastic.

Both generations of flipSync forced users to choose between a Dock Connector plug, or Mini- and Micro-USB, with separate models for each. Mojo Treble—which measures in at 1.25” wide and 1.75” long when folded up—eliminates that issue by giving you both Apple’s proprietary connector and a Micro-USB plug together on the pop-out end cap; the company states on its website that the two connectors are not to be used at the same time. Also interesting: iBattz also built in a slot for a microSD card. You simply slide a switch on the top of the unit and it’ll change modes, allowing you to read and write to the card from your computer.


That cap is connected to Mojo Treble’s main body by a short length of cord that supports 2.1A charging, a big difference compared to the 1A charging Scosche’s cables guarantee. Inside the housing, you’ll find the main components: a very compact flip-out, full-sized USB plug, a loop for connecting the included keychain, and a collapsible SIM card ejector. That last piece is likely only going to appeal to frequent travelers who need to swap carriers or cards on a regular basis.


flipSync II’s main issue was that it cost as much as Apple’s name-brand cable yet lacked its length and wasn’t fully iPad ready. On the surface, iBattz’ charger could get knocked for carrying a further $10 premium while offering similar functionality, but despite their similar form factors, it’s a different device: the Dock Connector and USB plug are capable of charging the tablet at full speed, while the extras are considerable—the microSD card reader, Micro-USB plug, and Mini-USB plug may well appeal to users who have a mix of Apple- and non-Apple devices, and need a Swiss Army-style tool to connect them. Not everyone will appreciate or need the added features here, but those who do will find this to be a handy little accessory; Mojo Treble is good enough for the price to be worthy of our general recommendation.


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