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Review: BuQu Tech Magnetyze Car Charging Stand, Desk Charging Stand + Magnetic Wall Charger

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Car Charging Stand

Desk Charging Stand

Magnetic Wall Charger

Company: BuQu Tech


Models: Car Charging Stand, Desk Charging Stand, Magnetic Wall Charger

Price: $35-$60

Compatible: Magnetyze Protective Cases

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Nick Guy

To accompany its impressive Magnetyze magnetic, wireless charging cases, BuQu Tech is offering a number of accessories that are sold separately from the cases and each other. BuQu's Car Charging Stand ($60), Desk Charging Stand ($40), and Magnetic Wall Charger ($35) each offer charging solutions for different usage scenarios. While all three also include USB ports capable of charging any USB-based device, they're specifically designed with magnetic inductive surfaces that complement the company's cases. We're impressed with how well the accessories hold the case; each is strong enough that the iPhone can be spun in a circle without falling off.

Car Charging Stand is obviously designed exclusively for use in the car. Of the three accessories, it has the most moving pieces, and is the most complex. In addition to the magnetic charging pad, it also includes interchangeable window suction and adhesive dashboard mounts, which fit onto the end of an adjustable arm. The stand receives power via a cabled micro-USB charger, which runs from the car’s power adapter port to the bottom of the magnetic pad. Once the mount is in the desired position, either standing on the dashboard or hanging from the window, the encased iPhone then snaps onto the charger. A USB port on the bulb provides an extra 1-Amp connector, for use with self-supplied USB cables.


We found the Car Charging Stand’s build quality to be very much in line with what we’ve seen from other plastic car mounts. It’s not the fanciest looking accessory, but it works in either orientation, and a balljoint below the charging pad allows for a wide range of iPhone viewing positions. This kind of mount is particularly useful when the iPhone is being used as a GPS unit. Both portrait and landscape orientations are supported with magnetic support, and you can effortlessly attach an iPhone to the mount for charging—there’s no cable to connect directly to the iPhone itself, which is highly convenient.


Next, the Desk Charging Stand raises an iPhone a few inches up from the desk’s surface. Also made of plastic, it contains a weighted base that keeps it from falling over. The charging contact is on an angled arm that lifts the iPhone about 60° from flat. Overall, it’s an elegant design. Because the stand is narrower than the iPhone, it mostly disappears, creating the effect of a floating handset. We’d have no problem keeping it on our desk, and the ability to rotate the iPhone on portrait or landscape angles is great.


This stand receives power through a micro-USB port on the back that connects to an included wall charger. The power block is a pretty basic black plastic piece, but there are a few nice features. First, there are two 2.1A USB ports, meaning you can charge any additional device, including an iPad; you plug the Desk Charging Stand’s cable into one, and supply your own cable for the second port. Another nice touch is that each port corresponds to an LED on the front of the adapter. They glow green when the device in the port is charged, or there’s nothing connected, and red when charging.


Finally, the Magnetic Wall Charger is a simple block that plugs into the wall. In addition to its 1-Amp magnetic charging surface, it has one full-sized 2-Amp USB port on the bottom, and blades that fold inward for added portability. It works just as well as the others, although it’s likely the least necessary item in the bunch. Unless you have a conveniently positioned wall outlet, your iPhone will likely be at ankle level, so attaching the iPhone directly to it isn’t necessarily ideal. The design, size, and weight, however, are totally acceptable if you need a cableless travel adapter.


All three of BuQu Tech’s Magnetize accessories are well-designed, and pair well with the charging case. Our favorite is the Car Charging Stand, which combines a two-device power adapter with a nice window/dashboard mount at a reasonable price, making connectivity of your encased iPhone ultra-simple while including easy device rotation. Next is the Desk Charging Stand, which is in the same ballpark, price-wise, as other docks, but includes the cable and wall charger, plus an extra port. It’d be a good deal even without the magnetic connector, and it earns our strong general recommendation. Last is the Magnetic Wall Charger, which isn’t quite as necessary as the others, but delivers reasonable value as a dual-port alternative to a wall adapter and charging cable. If you have easy access to an outlet, or just need something fairly easy to travel with, you’ll like the design of this charging accessory. It merits our general recommendation.



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