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Company: Hammerhead


Model: Capo Case

Price: $30

Compatible: iPad mini

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Hammerhead Capo Case for iPad mini

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By Nick Guy

Accessories Editor, iLounge ()
Published: Monday, October 28, 2013
Category: Cases - iPad, iPad mini / iPad mini with Retina Display

Hammerhead's Capo Case for iPad mini ($30) is almost identical to the company's full-sized iPad case, just smaller. Instead of a flexible, columned cover, this folio-style case places a large hinge between segments of faux leather-covered plastic, enabling the iPad mini to be positioned in three angles. No button or port protection is provided. Because the cases are so similar, the following text is based heavily on the original review.

The rear of the case is pretty much what we’re used to at this point—a hard plastic shell—but we appreciate how protective this one is, with nicely molded openings for the buttons and ports, along with full coverage otherwise. Missing, however, is a hole on the back of the case for the iPad mini with Retina display’s second microphone, a potential issue for second-gen iPad mini users that won’t bother first-yen users at all. The shell is covered in faux leather, as is the front lid, but we found the intersection of that material and the plastic to be just a bit rough; the lines could be refined.

The most interesting aspect of this case is the lid, which is split into two segments, with a plastic hinge holding them together. This results in a more mechanical look than most folios that often fold along creases between plastic-supported columns. Capo’s cover can be folded underneath to form a stand, with the small clip that holds the case shut fitting into one of three ridges on the back of the shell for different viewing angles. A typing position is also supported, although it doesn’t use the clip, relying instead on the rigid folded cover. Auto screen locking is supported thanks to magnets inside the lid.

Our editors have disagreed on the aesthetic appeal of Capo Case. At least one said that he could see it becoming his everyday case—especially the black-on-black model—while others prefer the organic look of cases that mimic the Smart Cover more closely. Functionally, however, Capo works well, and at a fair price. It also feels sturdy and especially protective without adding too much bulk. The fact that the iPad mini version is $10 less than the full-sized model certainly doesn’t hurt, either. These positive factors earn the case a strong general recommendation.


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