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Review: Pinlo Power Slice Battery Pack


Company: Pinlo


Model: Power Slice

Price: $80

Compatible: All iPads, iPhones, iPods

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Nick Guy

It's fair to say Pinlo's Power Slice ($80) is among the slimmest battery packs we've ever seen, if not the absolute thinnest. Measuring only 0.2" tall, the 7200mAh cell is spread out over an 8" by 5" area covered in aluminum; it's roughly the width and height of an iPad mini. Because it's so thin, the dual 2.4-Amp USB ports actually compact down when not in use. The battery is designed to be portable, as holes along the left edge connect to rings inside a binder or folio. Power Slice comes in black or silver, and includes a micro-USB cable.

Living up to its name, Power Slice is tapered along its edges, coming down to a rounded point on both long sides. It’s coated in a slightly raised crisscross pattern, making it feel soft and smooth. The seven holes on the left edge are made to work with most common ring systems, and the shape of the battery itself lends itself to being tucked away for travel.


As most battery packs do, this one has a handful of inputs and outputs, all along one edge. Of course there’s a micro-USB port, a power button, and four indicator lights, showing you how much battery life is left. On either side of that array is a USB output, each of which is supposed to be able to charge any iPad at full-speed. Each output has a metal segment along the bottom edge that you must push to raise up slightly. This helps maintain the slim size without sacrificing functionality. Unfortunately, our tests showed the charging rate to actually be lacking, with recharges taking about twice as long as they do under optimal settings.


In just over five hours, Power Slice delivered a 65% charge to a fully depleted iPad Air that was connected to Wi-Fi, with the screen off and no music playing. While this result is a little bit better percentage-wise than the average, it’s also slower. A full recharge should take about four hours and 20 minutes when connected to a charger that’s actually putting out the right amperage.


Pinlo’s Power Slice is a good battery, and earns a general recommendation. The price and capacity match up, and dual outputs certainly make sense for a cell with this level of power. It’s the shape that’s the coolest thing, and will potentially make this one appealing over competitors. Unfortunately, the slow recharge speeds are a bit of a letdown considering the claims. If you find yourself carrying a binder or folio though, it may be worth it to work past that limitation.



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