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Review: Incase Sleeve 3G Case


Company: Incase Designs


Model: Sleeve 3G

Price: $24.95

Compatible: iPod 3G

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Austin Agarwal

Pros: Looks good, reasonably priced for leather, includes sturdy belt clip.

Cons: Can’t detach belt clip, protection of iPod’s front might allow particles to cause scratches.

Simple and effective. These words are the best description for Incase Designs’ Sleeve 2 for 3rd generation iPods. From its high quality nappa leather to its attractive facade, the Incase Sleeve is an excellent companion for your iPod.


The Incase Sleeve 2 (for 3rd generation iPods) is a very simple case, mostly designed to suit the needs of those who want to upgrade their original case that came with the iPod. Similar in slip-in design but crafted from luxurious nappa leather and neatly stitched, it comes with a permanently attached and very durable belt clip, which does not swivel. The only color available color is black.

Your iPod slips in from the top, and is surrounded by soft suede that will most definitely not scratch the iPod’s mirrored and polished surfaces. Once in the case, the iPod’s Dock Connector port is still accessible through a hole on the bottom. The sides are mostly encompassed by the case, however the upper and lower parts of both of the iPod’s sides are exposed. The top of the case is left completely accessible, as are all of the iPod’s buttons and navigational scroll pad. Overall, the Sleeve 2 allows for quick practical access to the iPod’s functions, just as the company’s original sleeve allowed with the original iPod.

An entirely clear plastic screen protector protects the screen, without touching it, and doesn’t impair vision of the iPod’s screen except in very rare situations, such as bright days where glare is a concern. Regardless, we’re glad Incase included screen protection, as it’s missing from too many otherwise competent cases.

Fit and Function

The case is very snug, leaving the user confident that the iPod will not inadvertently fall out. Removing the iPod is as simple as pulling upwards on the exposed sides. After a week of testing, no noticeable scratches appeared on our test iPod due to removing or inserting the iPod, which is always a good sign. Incase’s belt clip doesn’t swivel, but as a consequence is very sturdy. Unfortunately, because it’s permanently attached, using this case in a car cell phone holder is almost entirely impractical. It’s a case for the waist, first and foremost.

Our only concern is the presence of a slight gap between the screen and its protector that might allow dust - and perhaps thereby screen-scratching materials - to find their way in. Using the Incase Sleeve 2 at the beach or in a very dusty area may therefore be problematic, as there is certainly enough gap between the protector and the screen to allow dust or sand to wreak havoc.


At just $24.95 at the time of review, the Incase Sleeve 2 is a good value, comparing favorably with Marware’s $27.95 C.E.O. Glove case though the latter case offers slightly more face protection and a detachable clip. For the user looking for a much-needed upgrade from the original iPod case, to those looking for an extra case to take on a walk, the Sleeve 2 is perfect. It’s a simple and effective leather iPod carrying solution.


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