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Company: Allsop


Model: Splash Pack Dri Pod

Price: $20

Compatible: iPod 1G-5G (Large), iPod mini, nano, shuffle (Small)

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Allsop Splash Pack Dri Pod Protection from Water, Dust and Sand

This inexpensive new bag-like waterproof iPod case is sold in two sizes (large/small), each permitting access to an iPod's screen and Click Wheel through a flexible plastic material. The front of Dri Pod is clear, the rear is frosted, and both an adjustable lanyard necklace and headphone port extension plug are integrated into the case. Water is kept out through a system of three "Sure-lock seals" (think Ziploc bags with a Velcro wrap at the top), and Allsop rates Dri Pod as submersible to 9 feet (3 meters), assuming you provide your own waterproof headphones. Sand and dust are also kept away from the iPod while inside, however, the company warns against heat and sunlight damage.


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