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Company: CompuCable
Model: FirePod
List Price: $29.95 USD

AddLogix/CompuCable FirePOD

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By Austin Agarwal

Contributing Editor
Published: Friday, November 7, 2003
Category: Car Kits and Adapters



Now enjoy the portability of powering iPOD in your car; the ability to use a single power supply for any FireWire bus-powered devices; and the convenience of charging cell phones, PDAs and MP3 players on the road with an USB charger.
The FirePOD and FireCABLE provides a complete on-the-road Universal FireWire Power system. The Basic kit includes the FirePOD (12V USB/FireWire power adapter), and FireCABLE (FireWire pass-through power line). The Deluxe kit also includes FireWire AC/DC adapter, similar to Apple’s iPOD adapter.

The USB port is regulated to the strict standard of USB power specification; works with popular bus-charging devices such as USB link cable for PDA and cell phones and even with USB lamp. FirePOD�s FireWire port outputs a steady and regulated current that is identical to your Apple FireWire port, so you don�t have to worry about battery-butchering power surge from accelerating and braking in everyday commute. FirePOD is also bundled with the FireCable, a unique cable that provides universal FireWire bus-power without occupying any precious FireWire data port.


  • Designed to match with your iPOD

  • Provides FireWire bus-power and USB bus-power

  • USB port works with iPaq USB charger, cellular phone USB charger, PDA USB chargers

  • Simultaneous usage for both USB and FireWire

  • Fits into any 12V automotive DC power source

  • Triplet LED to indicate power source, and bus-power usage

  • Computer-tested and regulated electrical voltage/current, for both USB and FireWire; prevent battery-life reduction

  • Fuse protected against over-current protection

  • Bundled with FireCable, Universal FireWire Power System

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