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Company: Griffin Technology


Model: AirStrap

Price: $50

Compatible: iPad

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Griffin AirStrap for iPad

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By Nick Guy

Accessories Editor, iLounge ()
Published: Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Category: Cases - iPad, iPad (2010)

Griffin has tackled the challenge of holding an iPad upright for extended periods of time with AirStrap ($50), a nicely-designed black rubber and neoprene case that grips the front bezel, sides, and back of the iPad while adding a neoprene hand strap for added grip. We like AirStrap because the case works well independent of the strap feature, covering buttons while exposing the speakers, microphone and ports, leaving only the screen to be separately protected. When the strap is needed, it's pulled out from a taut position to grip the back of your hand, using anti-slip dots inside to prevent accidental slippage. While it's not cheap, this is a smart design, and one that we think people will actually want to use for business applications in particular.


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