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B-Limited Recommendation

Company: Griffin Technology


Model: Folio

Price: $45

Compatible: iPad mini

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Griffin Folio for iPad mini

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By Nick Guy

Accessories Editor, iLounge ()
Published: Thursday, November 29, 2012
Category: Cases - iPad, iPad mini / iPad mini with Retina Display

Among Griffin's new cases for the iPad mini is its unimaginatively-named Folio ($45) -- as the title implies, it's a simple folio-style case. Our review unit came in what feels to be real leather, although various patterns are available. Folio isn't the most functional or protective case, but it does look pretty classy from the outside.

Measuring about 3/4” thick, Griffin’s case adds noticeable bulk to the otherwise svelte iPad mini; its flat covers and spine aren’t exactly form-fitting. Opening it reveals a microsuede lining inside both covers. The tablet is held in a pocket on the right side, leaving the corners exposed and offering no button protection. It does cover the bezel, though, with scoops at the top and bottom to expose the camera and Home Button. Right below the volume buttons is an elastic stylus holder. Like many folios, the front cover can fold around to the back, tucking into a flap to form viewing or typing stands. Missing, however, are embedded magnets to lock and unlock the iPad.

We’ve kept our review of Folio brief because there’s really not much to say. It’s a fine case that doubles as a way to prop the iPad up, but it doesn’t stand out in any real way. Some people will like the cool external patterns, including owls, or mustaches, while others might like the classic leather look. It’s lacking in protection, though, and the price is higher than most iPad mini cases we’ve covered. These factors earn Folio a limited recommendation. If looks are the key factor motivating your purchase, it’s a good choice, but even in the early days of iPad mini cases, many better options can already be found.


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