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Review: Hitcase Pro+ Action Pack and Snap for iPhone 6/6s

Limited Recommendation

Company: Hitcase

Model: Pro+ Action Pack, Snap

Price: $80-$150

Compatible: iPhone 6/6s

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Phil Dzikiy

Hitcase's two iPhone 6/6s cases aim to combine iPhone coverage with expanded photography abilities — we recently received Hitcase's Pro+ Action Pack ($150) and Snap ($80). Pro+ Action Pack is the biggest, priciest package offered by Hitcase. It includes the waterproof, shockproof Hitcase Pro case (which sells separately for $100), along with a number of added accessories — a removable superwide lens, monopod, and two mounts. Hitcase Snap is a more typical iPhone case, and it comes with a removable wide lens, monopod, and more. Both cases have the company's Railside Mounting System on the side, which allows users to easily mount Hitcase's accessories to the case itself. Hitcase sells a number of other related accessories that can connect to the system, and the company sells a variety of removable lenses, as well.

Hitcase Pro is a completely sealed waterproof case, which Hitcase says is waterproof up to 33 feet — an impressive claim that’s usually more associated with Bluetooth range than water depth. The case needs to be opened with a coin or the included Hitcase key. For being a rugged, waterproof case, Hitcase Pro is rather light — there’s isn’t as much rubber here as you’d expect to find on such a case. We’re not sure how that may affect your peace of mind in using the case, but we don’t do intensive waterproof testing. Because of the rail mounting system,  the inaccessibility of the ringer switch and Touch ID (and a Home Button that requires a stronger push than usual), we wouldn’t recommend Hitcase Pro as an everyday case. This is for outdoor photography enthusiasts only.

Snap initially makes more sense to use daily, as it’s a more typical case with standard button coverage. However, one must also factor in the protruding rail system, as well as the $80 cost of Snap — either case requires a commitment to Hitcase’s system.

The Hitcase Pro+ Action Pack comes with a number of mounts and a special superwide lens, in addition to the typical standard accessories (lens cap, lanyard). Again, if you’re going to pony up $150, you’ve got to be fully committed to using this system often. Snap is no slouch when it comes to pack-ins, either, as a selfie-stick monopod is included in both packages. It’s worth noting that this monopod — the ShootR Pole — doesn’t have Bluetooth or a trigger, so it’s best used with video or timed photos.

It’s easy enough to connect either Pro or Snap to mounts using the Railside Mounting System. And once installed, it should certainly give you more faith in the stability of your iPhone when compared to cheaper selfie sticks. The Pro setup certainly lends itself to action photography and videography, and more so than the Snap, which doesn’t offer as much iPhone protection.

Shots on Hitcase’s TrueLUX Superwide lens do offer a much wider field than the iPhone 6s’ standard camera, but it also comes with some distortion and fisheye effect. Now, this isn’t completely unexpected when dealing with an extremely wide angle lens, but consumers should definitely know it’s there. Below, a comparison of a regular iPhone 6s shot, followed by the superwide shot. The effect in this latter shot is particularly pronounced. Distortion seemed more apparent in outdoor shots than in indoor shots with this lens. The regular wide lens which came with Snap didn’t have such a pronounced effect, either. Hitcase also offers a flat and macro lens, which we didn’t receive for testing. The two lenses we’ve seen are OK, but we do think they lag slightly in quality compared to some competitors, such as Olloclip.

Both Hitcase Pro+ and Snap have a fair amount of pros and cons. Both cases come with an impressive array of accessories, and the built-in mounting system on each case makes things easier — instead of finding a lens and case and mount that work properly together, Hitcase has taken care of all that for you. And while some may balk at the inclusion of only one lens, we think the cases and accessories offer enough bang for your buck…generally.

We think the Hitcase Pro+ Action Pack offers more value than Snap. You’re getting a number of additional mounts, not to mention a case that can stand up to the elements. Snap’s standard case and wide lens make us wonder if some users wouldn’t be better off with a nice case and a typical selfie stick, as you aren’t going to be willing to put Snap into any situation. Hitcase Pro+, however, is hampered by its case’s limited functionality — it’s strictly a secondary case for those interested in outdoor photography and videography. In either case, you’re tied into Hitcase’s system. (The Hitcase Pro — not the Pro+ Action Pack — may actually provide the best value at $100, but we didn’t review that particular edition.)

Overall, Hitcase Pro+ and Snap are interesting options for iPhone photography and videography enthusiasts — the lenses we tested gave us shots that range from OK to pretty good, but some may find the lenses more than adequate, especially for video — some users may even see the Pro+ as a GoPro replacement. There’s a lot to consider here, and our limited recommendation for both products reflects that.



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