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Company: Incipio Technologies


Model: Screen Protectors

Price: $10-$20

Compatible: iPhone 4

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Incipio Anti-Glare, Clear, Mirror + Privacy Screen Protectors for iPhone 4

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By Jeremy Horwitz

Editor-in-Chief, iLounge ()
Published: Friday, July 23, 2010
Category: Stickers + Film, iPhone / iPod

Updating its prior range of iPhone, iPod, and iPad protective films for the iPhone 4, Incipio has just released four different packages at various prices. Clear Screen Protectors ($10), Mirrored Screen Protectors ($15) and Anti-Glare Screen Protectors ($16) all come in packs of three, with one cloth and one applicator card to work out air bubbles. As their names suggest, the Clear version is glossy and see-through, with Anti-Glare using a matte finish, and Mirrored reflecting back your visage while dimming the screen. The Anti-Glare version is trickier to apply than some competing films we've seen for the iPhone 4 due to its precisely cut front video camera hole and physical size, which can just slightly wind up on top of the screen's plastic bezel if you're not super careful; it also exhibits more of a prismatic effect than better anti-glare films we've seen. By comparison, the Privacy Screen Protector ($20) is sold one to a package with a cloth and applicator card, offering two-way "privacy" dimming that prevents people from seeing a vertically-held iPhone 4's screen from the left or right, or a horizontally-held screen from the top or bottom.


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