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Company: Incipio


Model: Kicksnap

Price: $35

Compatible: iPhone 5

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Incipio Kicksnap for iPhone 5

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By Nick Guy

Accessories Editor, iLounge ()
Published: Friday, January 18, 2013
Category: Cases - iPhone, iPhone 5 / 5s

Incipio's Kicksnap for iPhone 5 ($35) is a slight variation on the company's Faxion case, itself very similar to Speck's CandyShell line. Much has been written about both cases already, so we won't reiterate all the details here. That being said, Kicksnap is a smart update to the co-molded rubber and plastic style of which we're quite fond.

Like both Faxion and CandyShell, Kicksnap is made of hard plastic lined with soft rubber that also sticks through to form a bumper around the screen and protect the buttons. It’s slim, protective, and feels like a quality product. The difference here is the addition of a 1.25” wide kickstand that sits flush with the rest of the case when not in use. Simply pry it up—exposing a portion of the iPhone 5’s aluminum back—and it offers a single, well positioned, viewing angle.

Coming in white or black, the case also includes a screen film set. It takes all the features we’ve praised in awarding CandyShell our Case of the Year twice in a row, and adds in functionality without adding bulk or sacrificing protection. The one omission is speaker and microphone coverage, but we find that to be acceptable. For everything else that’s executed so well, Kicksnap is deserving of our high recommendation.


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