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Company: Intuit


Model: GoPayment Card Reader

Price: Free*

Compatible: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

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Intuit GoPayment Card Reader

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By Nick Guy

Accessories Editor, iLounge ()
Published: Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Category: Miscellaneous Accessories

Intuit isn't the first company to have a pocket-sized credit card processing system for iOS, but it's now the biggest name in the game. Introduced at the 2012 International CES, Intuit's second-generation GoPayment Card Reader (Free*) is a new swiper that moves away from the all-plastic body of the original to a tubular shape covered in soft rubber. At the bottom left is a 3.5mm plug that allows the accessory to connect to any iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running the company's free GoPayment app. Rubber around the plug allows it to contour to whichever device is being used and stay put while a card is being swiped. All credit card data is encrypted for security, and there are two different plans depending on the size of the business: the Low-Volume Plan is for those processing less than $1,000 a month. It's free, and has a swipe rate of 2.70% -- just a bit below Square's 2.75%. For businesses doing more than that, the High-Volume Plan has a monthly cost of $12.95 a month but a lower swipe rate of only 1.70%. You get the Card Reader for free by mail if you apply for a GoPayment account using Intuit's app or web site.


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