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Review: Apple iPhone X

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Company: Apple

Model: iPhone X

Price: $999 – $1,149

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Jesse Hollington

Pros: Face ID is a game changer. New Super Retina OLED screen provides a whole new level of display quality. iPhone “Plus” dual-lens camera system in an iPhone 8-sized package. Wider aperture and OIS on 2X lens should provide better 2X photos. Front TrueDepth camera empowers Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting for selfies as well as other advanced technologies. iPhone 8 Plus battery life in a smaller iPhone. Nice boost in screen real estate over standard-sized iPhones. Retains museum-quality design of the iPhone 8 models and takes it up a notch with the stainless steel frame. New gesture control scheme is fluid and intuitive.

Cons: The higher aspect ratio means the screen isn’t actually larger than the iPhone Plus models, despite the larger diagonal. The front TrueDepth camera notch and rear camera bump detract from an otherwise great aesthetic. Lack of Touch ID makes Apple Pay slightly less convenient. OLED screen may be subject to image retention and burn-in. Higher price and increased repair costs from prior iPhone models.

For the past ten years, Apple has taken a largely iterative approach to the iPhone’s iconic design. While the design aesthetic changed with new models, from the sandwiched glass design of the iPhone 4 era to the very thin rounded edges of the iPhone 6 and beyond, the top and bottom bezels, earpiece slot on the top, and home button on the bottom means that on the face it’s always been clear that you’re looking at an iPhone.

Ten years later, Apple has clearly decided it’s time for a change, and the result is the iPhone X. Announced alongside two more traditional iPhone models, the iPhone X takes the venerable smartphone design in a whole new direction while still preserving the Apple aesthetic that defines the device as an “iPhone.”

Apple has pulled no punches in building up the iPhone X as a groundbreaking device, and in fact it’s so bleeding edge that the company tacitly acknowledged with the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus that not everybody will necessarily be ready for the new design and technology — not to mention the price.

The iPhone X is considerably more expensive than its siblings, but it also unveils several technological improvements that we’re certain will define the next era of the iPhone. It’s an impressive device, but of course the real question remains whether it’s worth both the financial and experimental commitment to these new technologies, or whether you’re still better off staying with the more established, traditional models. We’ll take a closer look at Apple’s new flagship iPhone X in the next few pages and try to answer those very questions.



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