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Company: iSkin
Model: iSkinWild Sides Evo2
List Price: $34.99

iSkin Wild Sides Evo2

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By Austin Agarwal

Contributing Editor
Published: Sunday, February 6, 2005
Category: Cases - iPods + Accessories, iPod 4G/HP/U2 + photo (with Click Wheel)



Introducing the start of something new – iSkin Wild Sides.
These cool special edition iSkin eVo2 iPod protectors are
designed to offer the coolest, most unique look for the iPod.

Since they are iSkin eVo2 protectors, they provide the industry’s
best solution for protecting and keeping the iPod safe with cool
features and fun looks.

Wild Sides come in three funky color combinations:
Verve (bright green and white),
Rebel (deep blue and white) and
Diva (hot pink and white)
Their cool fashionable and funky look is bound to impress.


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