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Company: JAVOedge

Product Name:  JAVOLeatherCase for Apple iPod 5G Video 30GB

Website:  JAVOedge

List Price: 28.95

JAVOLeatherCase for Apple iPod 5G Video 30GB

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Published: Wednesday, April 5, 2006
Category: Cases - iPods + Accessories, iPod 5G (with Video)


JAVOLeatherCase is a trendy way to protect your investment, add a personal touch, and carry a few personal items with your device.  Simply insert sync-charge cable to synchronize your iPod without removing handheld from the case.  Made with genuine soft leather and well constructed.  Long lasting and durable.


# Slim top flap design - Fit perfectly   for your device.
# Securely hold device in place.
# Device is easily attached and detached from JAVOLeatherCase.
# 1 card slots.
# Sturdy magnetic closure.


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