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Review: Just Mobile HoverDock for Apple Watch + HoverDock for iPhone

Highly Recommended
HoverDock for iPhone

HoverDock for Apple Watch

Company: Just Mobile

Model: HoverDock for Apple Watch, HoverDock for iPhone

Price: $35

Compatible: Apple Watch or Lightning iPhones, iPod touches

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Phil Dzikiy

Just Mobile introduced two new docks at CES, and unlike many products seen at the show, both HoverDock for Apple Watch ($35) and HoverDock for iPhone ($35) will be ready for release in the coming days. Both docks are extremely similar — in fact, other than a slight difference in how the cables are held, they're the exact same dock. In both iterations, HoverDock is surrounded by an aluminum ring, with a soft-touch top section, and cable management hidden inside the dock, accessible through a removable plastic-and-rubber base. Cleverly, HoverDock's base can be rotated to further retract either the Lightning cable or Apple Watch charging cable (you must supply your own cable in either instance). Both docks intend to give the sense that a Lightning-based iPhone or Apple Watch is floating, hence the name HoverDock. But though there's only one true difference between the HoverDocks, that slight divergence matters more than you might expect.

Apple Watch can only be docked in Nightstand Mode on HoverDock — many users probably prefer this, but it’s worth noting that you don’t have a choice. The main issue with HoverDock for Apple Watch is the lack of support for the charging puck itself. What this means is while many Apple Watch docks give users a “set it and forget it” feeling — plop down your Apple Watch and you’re sure it’s charging — HoverDock requires a double-check. Users must be sure Apple Watch is maintaining proper contact with the charging puck.

HoverDock for iPhone has no such issues. Not only does the minimalist dock connect to uncased iPhones, but a tiny clip is also included to accommodate cases. HoverDock is adept at docking any Lightning iPhone, and the dock handled any case we threw at it. Whether using a clip or not, the Lightning plug is barely seen when an iPhone is docked, giving HoverDock a nice, clean look.

While the HoverDocks look nearly identical, there are other factors at play. The lack of rear support behind Apple Watch’s charging puck doesn’t put one’s mind at ease, for instance. And when compared to other respective options on the market, HoverDock for iPhone is an attractive, low-cost Lightning dock at $35, while HoverDock for Apple Watch is an attractive, mid-range Apple Watch dock for the same price. Therefore: HoverDock for Apple Watch earns our general recommendation, but HoverDock for iPhone comes highly recommended.



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