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Company: Just Mobile


Model: Xtand Go

Price: $40

Compatible: iPhone 4/4S/5

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Just Mobile Xtand Go for iPhone 4/4S/5

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By Nick Guy

Accessories Editor, iLounge ()
Published: Monday, October 1, 2012
Category: Car Mounts - iPhone / iPod

Designed specifically for bare iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 models, Xtand Go ($40) from Just Mobile is an in-car mounting solution that'll likely have a broader appeal than ever thanks to iOS 6's integrated turn-by-turn directions. The plastic stand feels substantial, though it's not heavy. At its base is a screw-tension suction cup that can be replaced with included adhesive pads. The other end has a rubber-backed iPhone holder that grips the device around the sides. Should you want to use Xtand Go with something other than an iPhone, Just Mobile includes adhesive buttons that can be swapped in place of the holder.


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