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Company: Kensington


Model: Portafolio Duo Wallet

Price: $40

Compatible: iPhone 5

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Kensington Portafolio Duo Wallet for iPhone 5

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By Nick Guy

Accessories Editor, iLounge ()
Published: Friday, January 18, 2013
Category: Cases - iPhone, iPhone 5 / 5s

iPhone 5 users looking for a wallet replacement now have plenty of options; among them is Kensington's Portafolio Duo ($40). Available in black, brown, orange, or red faux leather, the folio-style case combines a hard plastic shell with a lid that doubles as a stand base. It's not our favorite case of the style, but it's useful.

Unlike many shells that just leave the upper and lower edges of the iPhone exposed, Portafolio at least offers a good amount protection for the top. It stops short of Sleep/Wake button coverage though, and also leaves the side switch and volume buttons exposed. The faux leather covers most of the exterior, with the plastic exposed only around the iSight camera and the case’s edges.

Portafolio’s lid is attached to the back of the case, with a little less than 3/4” of a 2” x 3” patch sewn down. This narrows at the edge of the case, before expanding to a full iPhone-sized cover. From the outside it’s unremarkable, save for the magnetic tab along the left edge that holds the case shut. Inside, however, there are two credit card slots. While likely not enough for daily use, it’ll likely be plenty for going out or general quick access to commonly used cards. The extra material connecting the two halves of the case allows the iPhone to be propped up in a number of landscape viewing orientations, another nice bonus.

While we prefer the aesthetics of Twelve South’s BookBook, Portafolio offers a similar experience with additional features at two-thirds the price. The setup of the lid ultimately turns out to be a bit problematic though, as there’s no convenient way to deal with the extra material when the cover’s folded underneath. Ultimately Kensington’s wallet case is a pretty good option, but not a top choice, earning it a general recommendation.


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