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Review: Leef iBRIDGE Mobile Memory

Highly Recommended

Company: Leef

Model: iBRIDGE

Price: $60-$400

Compatible: Lightning iOS devices

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Phil Dzikiy

Leef's iBRIDGE Mobile Memory ($60-$400) is a mobile storage stick which has both a Lightning connector and USB 2.0 connector, allowing users to transfer photos, videos, music, and documents from a Lightning iOS device to the accessory's own memory, which comes in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities. Files are copied or moved by way of Leef's free iBRIDGE app, and can be accessed directly from the accessory — music and videos can be played directly off iBRIDGE. Those files can also be transferred to a Mac or PC with the USB connector, of course. iBRIDGE comes with a cap to cover both connectors when not in use, or cover the USB connector when the Lightning connector is attached to an iOS device.

iBRIDGE is about the size of most flash drives, at 2.48” long. The curved design allows the larger part of the memory stick to curve around the back of an iOS device when in use, and iBRIDGE’s flexibility should allow it to fit most cases, as long as the case’s Lightning port is large enough. It’s thoughtful, allowing for easy use of an iPhone while connected.

With any external storage solution for iOS, the app is a key part of the experience. Leef’s simple iBRIDGE app is up to the task. It’s quick to open and transfer files, and easy to use. Upon connecting iBRIDGE, a prompt will come up that asks a user to allow access to the accessory. From there, the app will open to a simple menu giving the users four options — Transfer Files, Content Viewer, iBRIDGE Camera, and Settings.

Transfer Files allows users to copy or move photos to and from the iBRIDGE. It’s done in a manner similar to Apple’s own iOS 8 Photos app. A file manager allows users to create new folders, as well. Photo and video transfers are both fast enough that you shouldn’t have any complaints. The Content Viewer lets users view all content on the iBRIDGE. As advertised, we were able to play music and video directly off the iBRIDGE while it was connected to our iPhone, after transferring files over from a Mac. All supported files are listed on Leef’s iBRIDGE webpage. Users also have the option of taking photos directly to the iBRIDGE through the iBRIDGE Camera, which is great when you need to take a photo with no remaining storage left on your device. Transferring photos to and from a Mac using the USB connector works as it does with any external drive.

We couldn’t ask for too much more from Leef’s iBRIDGE. The app keeps things simple for the benefit of the user, and everything worked without a hitch. iBRIDGE really excels with photos, which is why most users would probably need extra storage. The stick has great value, too — you can get a 16GB or 32GB iBRIDGE for $60 or $80, respectively, and either of those options are less expensive than upgrading to the next highest capacity iPhone or iPad. While some users won’t need extra external storage for their iOS devices — especially taking into account the use of iCloud — those who do won’t find a better option right now. iBRIDGE comes highly recommended.



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