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Company: LifeProof Cases


Model: LifeProof Mount Accessories

Price: $30-$40

Compatible: iPhone 4/4S

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LifeProof Cases Armband/Swimband, Belt Clip, Bike & Bar Mount + GoPro Mount for iPhone 4/4S Case

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By Nick Guy

Accessories Editor, iLounge ()
Published: Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Category: Health + Fitness, Miscellaneous Accessories

Along with an updated iPhone 4S-ready version of its namesake product, LifeProof Cases has released a number of new compatible mounting accessories. All four use the same hard plastic frame as their base, with a cradle at the bottom and a locking clip at the top. The Armband/Swimband ($TBD) takes that frame and attaches a wide Velcro-laden elastic band, with a thick, soft pad that fits between the back of the case and the user's arm. Because the LifeProof case is submersible up to two meters, this setup can be used for swimming as well as running. The Belt Clip ($30) does just what its name suggests, and includes two clips -- one for 1.5" belts, and another for 2" belts. Bike & Bar Mount ($40), on the other hand, is made to attach to the handlebars of either a bicycle or a motorbikes. Attached to the back is an adjustable round clip on a pivoting ball, allowing for personalized positioning. Finally, there's GoPro Mount ($30). This accessory takes the basic frame and adds a mount adapter for use with GoPro brand camera accessories.


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