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Company: Lynktec


Model: Artist Paintbrush Tip

Price: $15

Compatible: TruGlide Pro with all iPads, iPhones + iPod touches

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Lynktec Artist Paintbrush Tip

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By Jeremy Horwitz

Editor-in-Chief, iLounge ()
Published: Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Category: Styluses

Accessories for accessories tend to be hard sells, but Lynktec's new Artist Paintbrush Tip ($15) is arguably more appealing than most -- a replacement tip for the company's TruGlide Pro stylus, transforming the previously microfiber-domed writing tool into a capacitive paintbrush. Shipped in a metal carrying case capable of holding the stylus and spare tips, the Artist Paintbrush Tip feels very solid, and the bristles are coated with a conductive material that's capable of triggering iPad screen responses even with a light touch. While there's no pressure sensitivity, nor recognition of how spread out the bristles are at a given moment, the new Tip can help artists replicate the feel of a paintbrush. A clear plastic sheathe is included to protect the bristles, and the shaft connects to the separately-sold TruGlide Pro with a sturdy integrated screw, forming a 5.8" long brush. The latter three pictures show the Artist Paintbrush Tip connected to the TruGlide Pro, with TruGlide's regular tip removed for storage.


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